Cultivating and Activating Leaders in Communities and Cities

Strengthening Leaders

Do you go to a gym or a fitness center or a "box" (if you are into cross fit)? Think about it. People like me - and maybe you - pay a monthly fee for access to the equipment and classes and coaching that can help us with our physical health and fitness. How often do you go? Since I had an injury in late 2017, I gotten a lot more disciplined and frequent in my fitness - even with some sessions at a gym called Mimi's House of Pain. Yeah, I even look forward to that. We can get pretty intense about our physical health - motivated by our desire to avoid destructive pain and to live stronger and better lives.

Paul said this to young Timothy - "physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things holding promise for the present life and the life to come" (1 Timothy 4:8). How can you be as intense about your growth in godliness as a leader as you might be about your physical health or your media pursuits or even your daily specific coffee routine?

Some of you are new to this monthly push that is designed to cultivate and activate leaders like you. We just kicked off a new era to encourage leaders last month. If you didn't see it, you can read it here. There is a lot out there to help you be the good and godly leader you want to be. Go to it, take it in and keep fit and strong as a leader. That kind of pursuit has promise both for now and for eternity.

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Seeing Your Neighbor

For some of reading this, you had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Jann Murray Garcia at Q Commons Sacramento in October of 2018. She spoke on crossing ethnic and racial barriers to begin to see people as Jesus sees them. It was a powerful talk - and now she has written it up in a blog - enjoy.

"Do you remember the only time the Bible records Jesus healing someone in stages? It took two separate actions. And it got kind of messy.

I believe this story provides insight into the way people of different races can relate to one another in America today. It suggests steps we can take to reach across racial and ethnic barriers. It’s about thinking in stages.

But first, the story...."

You will be very happy to read the whole blog here.

MissionHub Is Helping Leaders Activate Steps of Faith

MissionHub is an app that helps you identify the people in your life and take steps of faith with them that help them meet Jesus or grow in their faith. You can understand about the use of this app by watching this short video and visiting the website at Leaders lead. You can sign up for online webinars in March by emailing

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Q National Conference in Nashville April 24-26

From the ideas and current issues shaping society, to the truth that transforms the world, you will be informed and gain confidence that God is at work in his mission to renew all things. Education by thought leaders and stories from change-makers will inspire a hopeful way forward. Join us to be equipped for the difficult conversations and extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead during an experience of thirty curated 9 or 18 minute talks, featuring the state of American culture and ways Christians can navigate the complexity of our changing society.

You can learn more and register here.

March "Advance Good" Challenge

The first day of "lent" this year is March 6. Lent was put into the church calendar to be a season of reflection and repentance and renewal for the followers of Christ. In the theme of godliness and the blog written by Dr. Murray-Garcia, the advance good challenge this month is for you to choose to see more. Maybe not only seeing more, but asking God for the grace to see clearly or for the first time.

One of Q Commons global speakers was lawyer, author, humorist and just plain wise dude, Bob Goff. In his recent book, Everybody Always, he says "we see what we spend the most time looking for". Take the challenge in March to look for something - or someone - new. Break out of your routines, whether in your daily rhythms or your media outlets. Who can you see in a new light as we move into and through March? Are you willing to take a look at things from another's vantage point that you currently don't understand or maybe even oppose? Do it and become a better and stronger leader.