By: Josh Norberg

Basic Facts

Afghanistan is a country in the Middle East, inhabited by about 31 million people. The flag (right) represents the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The capital city is Kabul.


Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Southern Asia. There are 6 countries that border Afghanistan: Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and China. In the Northwest corner of the country, mountains control the land.


Mostly, Afghanistan has hot summers and cold winters, like America. The climate is usually an arid or semiarid type of weather.


There is a lot of culture in Afghanistan, including visual arts and the cultural arts. There are many sports, including Basketball, Football (Soccer), and Cricket. Cricket is the most popular sport in the region.


Afghanistan has a democracy in place. Their president is Ashraf Ghani (right). There are 2 vice presidents: Abdul Rashid Dostum and Mohammad Sarwar Danish.


Afghans use afghani as their currency. The GDP in 2012 was about 34 billion USD. There is about an 35% unemployment rate of everybody in Afghanistan.