Xavier's Third Grade Connection

May 18- May 22, 2020



  • We want you to keep praying this summer. Click here to listen to Mrs. Wubbena review and teach you new things about different ways to pray.
  • Have a paper and pencil handy as you will get the chance to do some writing as well.

Language Arts

  • Go to SeeSaw and dream about your plans for the summer by making your summer bucket list! Include things that you may or may not actually be able to do because of Covid19. Big ideas, little ideas....anything goes on a bucket list. Have fun with this!


  • Play Multiplication War. One player shuffles and divides the cards equally between players, placing the cards face down between them. The players flip each flip one card and multiply these numbers together mentally. The first player to say the product (answer) of both of the cards wins and takes the cards.
  • If you're playing alone, flip 2 cards and make two piles, one of answers you knew quickly and one pile for answers that were more difficult for you.

Summer Vacation is Almost Here!



Fun Day!

  • Normally, we as teachers, like to do lots of fun things during our last week together. So now we want you to get out and do something fun. Create your own driveway obstacle course. Get out your sidewalk chalk and get creative. Watch this video to see how these kids designed one, but use your own great ideas as well. We'd love to see your pictures (or maybe even a video) on SeeSaw!

3 More Days of School!



  • Go to SeeSaw and try the quiz over different types of prayer.
Good luck!

Field Trip

  • We had planned to take a field trip with you this week. We wish we could have, but since we can't, we want you to choose your own field trip today! Take one or more of these trips!

Head over to SeeSaw

  • Click the green check to tell us where you went and what you liked about your field trip!



  • Go outside and take a creation walk. Go slow and notice all kinds of things in creation that you can thank God for creating! Notice the little tiny ladybug, the interesting shape of a tree, or a weed that bloomed and has a pretty flower. Thank God for the wonderful things he created.
  • Tell us about anything you noticed and were thankful for on SeeSaw for an extra bonus!

Read Aloud - Reading aloud to you is one of the things I have missed the most during this time. For today, you get to choose a story you would like to listen to read aloud by a famous person. Here are some for you to pick one from. They are all great stories, and you don't have to choose just one!


This website has some other great stories you could listen to this summer. We highly recommend it. Lots of fun books!

Listening to books on this website definitely counts for some of the reading we want you to do this summer!


Big picture

Summer Blessings!

We wish you a wonderful summer full of happiness and good health.

Keep reading. Keep praying. Keep smiling. Keep being kind.

Stay safe. Come visit us in third grade when we get back to school!

Sending you each a big hug!

Mrs. Rahe and Mrs. Wubbena