Midwest Charmed Mamas

Team Montford July, 2013

Summer is Coming to a Close

and boy am I glad! The "J" months are really tough for direct sales! Personally, I am glad we won't have one for awhile. We are gearing up for a huge fall and holiday season! Now is the time to start getting your calendars full. Everyone wants to pay for Christmas with cash, right? A full calendar will allow you to do that!


As a team, our volume was $13,482.08. That is down from $16,856.92 last month.

Top Designers
Kate Becker $1,395.03
Denise/Alan Best $1294.40
Amy Cook $1033.30

Top Teams
Tessa Miller-Schweder $4,528.76
Melissa Villarreal $3,209.00
Brenda Karimi $2,193.10

New Team Members for June/July

Designer, Date, Mentor
Stephanie Weber, 6/23, Shannon Skaggs
Sheila Crittendon, 6/26, Becky/Skylar McCall
Judy Morgan, 6/28, Valerie Sherrill
Chuck/Gracie Amen, 7/1, Becky/Skylar McCall
Eileen Cooper, 7/16, Denise Lang
Dana Paxton, 7/17, Natasha Boles
Sharon Hust, 7/22, Nicky Brown
Ashley Harding, 7/27, Denise/Alan Best
Angel Reinert, 7/27, Michelle Montford
Kim Menefee, 7/28, Kate Becker
Lisa Hall, 7/30, Brenda Kamiri

Welcome to our team! It's an amazing journey!


Don't forget to register for the upcoming training in Kansas City. September 13-14. It will be amazing. The cost is $75 plus booking fee.

I will be out of touch by phone and text from Tuesday, August 6th through Sunday, August 11th. I will still have access to the internet, but not sure how much time I will have to check messages. Melissa Villarreal has offered to help out with the main page. Becky McCall is your go to on the DIW page! I think of you all while I am laying on the beach in the Bahamas!

Thanks to all of you for everything you do!