Communication Skills in the Library

Approaches to Learning in the PYP and MYP

In the Library, we...


  • listen to teachers, parents and students respectfully in the library.
  • listen for information and directions.


  • speak clearly and appropriately: our opinions, our ideas, our requests, our thinking.
  • think of the impact of our words on others.
  • ask questions when needed.
  • ask for help when needed


  • read for many purposes such as information and pleasure.
  • should understand what we read.
  • read individually, in pairs and in groups.


  • record information and observations.
  • make notes and paraphrase or use keywords.
  • write in many different formats and for many purposes.

Communicate non-verbally

  • recognize the body language of others in the library
  • recognize that our bodies spea visually.