Wilson Weekly


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Let's Do This!

We know you have each put in a tremendous amount of work to make the start of the school year a success. As we start back this week and the exhaustion of 'back-to-school' catches up with you, just remember that each of you is here for a reason.

You rock.

Here's to a great year!

Cooper & Jordan

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Action Items

  • FUMC Partnership - Kaylyn is working with the Methodist Church to expand their support/partnership here at Wilson. Please click below, and share any ideas you might have for how they can get further involved!
  • Important Links - Below are buttons to three important links you will want to bookmark (Important Dates, Master Schedule, & Team Time Schedule). Save these for quick future reference!
  • Wilson Handbook - Please sign the sheet on the window of Cooper's office indicating that you have access to the Handbook.
  • Dismissal Procedures - Please see below for details. Please have students' names added by 1:00 on the first day of school.
Wilson Important Dates

Please check with Michelle and Cooper before adding any new dates.

Collaborative Team Time Schedule

7:30-9:30 Monday - Thursday (No Team Time on Fridays)

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Schedule for Monday & Tuesday

See below for details for Monday and Tuesday's schedule. We will start in the Library each morning. We will have light snacks each day.

Each team will have 1 session on Monday and Tuesday (SLO and Intervention Services). Please see your times below.

When not in a session, your time is yours! Please use it to meet with your team, work in your room, etc.

Let's make a great 2 days!

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Dismissal Updates

Please click on the button below to access a new dismissal document. I am hoping this will organize things a bit (for educators, the Office, etc)! The procedures and locations have not changed.

Here is where I need your help...

  • Duty People - At the top of each tab is a space labeled Directions. If you lead a duty location, please enter in any specific details/instructions for teachers.
  • Classroom Teachers - Please find your class section on each tab, and enter in the names of your kids. Please have them entered by 1:00 on the 1st day of school.

We'll briefly discuss this in the morning to answer any questions!

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First Day/Week

Here are a few details for the first few days!

  • First Day Arrival - The doors will open at 7:20. Parents will be allowed to walk their child to class for the first day only.
  • Cafe Practice - Kinder (9:00-9:20), 1st (9:20-9:40), 2nd (9:40-9:55), 3rd (10:25-10:40), 4th (9:55-10:10), 5th (10:10-10:25)
  • First Day After School - Swing by the Lounge for a quick snack and to celebrate a successful first day!
  • Lunch - Parents are asked to NOT come for lunch until Tuesday, September 4th.
  • Rise & Shine - Our 1st Rise & Shine will be the 2nd Friday of school (Aug 24th).
  • Safety & Security - Be sure to review Safety & Security procedures the 1st week. The district has asked that we have our first Lockdown Drill during the month of August. Until the district notifies us otherwise, all drills (Fire, Lockdown, Duck & Cover, Lockout) will continue to be announced.

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Week At A Glance


  • Wear your Convocation shirt for Meet the Teacher.
  • 8:00 - Start off in the Library
  • Rotations - See schedule above
  • Meet the Teacher! - 6:00-7:00 - PTO volunteers working during Meet the Teacher will be allowed to visit classrooms at 5:30.


  • 8:00 - Start off in the Library
  • Rotations - See schedule above

Wednesday - 1st Day of School!

  • Doors open at 7:20
  • BooHoo/Yahoo Breakfast - Library
  • Cafe Practice - see times above
  • Complete Dismissal Doc by 10:00
  • After School - stop by the lounge for a quick snack and to celebrate the 1st day!


  • Normal morning arrival starts
  • 4th/5th iPad Distribution - 1:00

Friday - You made it through the first week!

  • No Rise & Shine
  • 3rd iPad Distribution - 1:00

Looking Ahead...

  • 8/20 - First day of Team Time
  • 8/20 - 2nd iPad Distribution - 1:00
  • 8/20 - New Hire GE Crash Course - 3:15
  • 8/21 - 1st iPad Distribution - 1:00
  • 8/22 - Kinder iPad Distribution - 1:00
  • 8/22 - Wilson Units of Study Cohort - 3:30
  • 8/23 - Rise & Shine Practice - 3:15 - all staff
  • 8/24 - 1st Rise & Shine