The Second New Deal

Spring of 1935

Who was the program to help?

The program was intended to help people that were unemployed.

What was the program to do?

Created the WPA to help people that were unemployed ( including artists, musicians, writers, and theatre directors). Wagner Act also created to keep businesses from treating their workers unfairly.

Relief, Recovery, or Reform?

This was a relief program, because of the fact that it provided jobs to those who suffered.

How successful was the program?

The Second New Deal wasn't as successful, though it provided jobs to the unemployed and allowed workers to be treated fairly, the Great Depression still dragged on.

My Understanding.

It helps me understand The Great Depression better, by allow me to now that the necessity of jobs back then was big. The stock market crashed along with people, and jobs, and money.

About video.

  • Explains the First Hundred Days
  • Insight in the Second New deal
  • Gives introduction into the New deal
  • Gives highlights of Great Depression and American Politics
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Does the program still exist today?

The Second New Deal no longer exists, Social Security is the only part still going on today.