Out With The Old, In With The New

New Ways For Teens To Be Healthy

Ditch The Soda, Add The Water

Do you really know what is in soda? Do you know what it is doing to your body? You may want to rethink drinking soda after I tell you that regular and diet sodas can be related to obesity, kidney damage, high blood pressures and cancers.

6 Grossing Facts:

1. If one were to drink a soda everyday for half a year, your liver fat would increase by 132%!

2.What makes sodas brown is artificial caramel coloring, which causes cancer in animals and we are too considered animals.

3. When your 20 do you want to look 40? Sodas contain phosphoric acids, which increases shelf life and leads people to age faster and heat and kidney problems.

4.The artificial sweeteners in sodas don't break down in our bodies and the same ingredients that are found in sodas can also be found in waste water treatment plants.

5. Brominated vegetable oil that is used in soda is also used in flame retardant for plastics.

6. It's not just the soda causing problems, but the cans too. The cans contain bisphenol A, which is known to interfere with hormones.


There are no bad side affects from drinking water; it will keep your skin looking nice and healthy and it will help your kidneys, unlike soda. Not only does drinking water keep you healthy and hydrated, but it also costs a lot less. WATER IS THE WAY TO GO! If I've gone a year without water, you can too and you'll feel much better about yourself. You just have to be determined and set goals.

Couch Potato To A Gym Superstar

1 hour a day is the recommended everyday. Lifting weights everyday can not only build muscle, but prevent sports injuries too. Some ideas to get exercise is to walk to school, do chores, or even get a job. A fun way to get exercise is to do Wii fit of any fitness video games. Staying fit can improve self-esteem and decrease the risk of serious illness. Get a group of friends and get your exercise on! :)


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