Where I Stand

By Cortni DeCoste

Environmental Concerns

The ice storm last winter killed a lot of trees, destroying birds, squirrels nest's, made many of them homeless, and had to rebuild. Although the government did a pretty good job cleaning up, I think it would've been even better if they planted more trees to kind of counter balance the trees that had died.
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Education Problems

Every school has them, problems, but these problems aren't about the student. The government has schools for alot of different religions, but you'ld have to pay more money. The schools may not be where you live, so you might have to go to a public school with a lot of peole who have different religions. I think the government should do a serve to see what the majorities of religions live there, and make some schools of that religion if there isn't one already. Another problem with the education is the teachers. Now I know what you're probably thinking, how are the teachers the problem it's all the students fault. Ok I get you're point of veiw, but some teachers (not all) are just bad at teaching. some students I talked to agree, and say that their teachers can't explain the subjects properly. I think they should see how good the teachers are before they hire them.
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Tourism Issues

Tourism, the think everyone does at least once in their life. The thing is that there isn't enough advertisment , so many people going on vacation they don't know all the great places they can go. I think they should have more advertisment about Ottawa, Niagra Falls, Canada's Wonder Land, and Marineland.