Harry S. Truman

One Of The World's Best Politions


Could you image having to make some of the hardest decisions everyday, I bet you couldn’t.

Harry .S Truman was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. His parents were John Anderson Truman and Martha Young Truman. In 1890 the Truman family moved to Independence, Missouri. Harry got his first pair of glasses when he was nine years old. Also when was nine he caught Diphtheria, and he was sick for a long time. He could not talk or move his legs and arms. He had to drop out of school because diphtheria. He skipped third grade because he work so hard at home. In high school history was his best subject His history teacher was quoted saying “I’ve nevern known anyone who knew more about the U.S.A than Harry did.” He applied for military academy at West Point, but he could not go because of his poor eyesight. Harry could not afford college sadly. Harry moved to kansas city. There he worked at a railroad, a bank and a newspaper. He lived in kansas city for five years. He moved when his dad asked him to help run the family farm in Grandview, Missouri. He worked at the farm for fourteen years. He tried different business ideas when he was a farmer. Then he owned a oil company until WWI started. When WWI started in 1917, he was still a farmer and a member of Missouri National Guard. In 1918 Harry went to France as an artillery captain with is a leader in certain specific field of artillery. He fought in many battles and did very well in them.Truman married Elizabeth Bess Wallace in 1919. On February 17, 1924 Harry and Elizabeth had her only child. They named her Mary Margaret. Truman invested in a clothing business in 1920. It made money for two years, but ended during the Great Depression. He became a Jackson County Judge. In, 1924 he ran for re-election but sadly lost. In 1926 it was an important year for Truman. He was elected as the Jackson County judge. In court he did his job when he became an honest politician. He decided to run for the U.S. senate in 1934, with his friend Thomas Pestguard’s help. At first, the other senators did not like him, and they thought he only won because of Thomas Pestguard. Then Truman started to work even harder and then people started to respect him more. They liked his ideas. In 1940 he was re-elected to the senate. His political career lasted until 1952. In, 1972 December 26 Truman died of heart failure.


Truman was know as one of the world best politicians. By the time WWII had started, many people began to recognize who Truman was, and he began to make a difference in the United States. He was concerned about government money being spent on war. He wanted to make sure the money was not wasted. Truman traveled the nation in his car. He visited factories that made weapons. Their careless spending surprised him. Truman formed the truman committee to stop wasted spending. The group help the government save billions of dollars. In 1944 the democrats choose president Roosevelt to run for a fourth term. But they wanted a new vice president because the current vice president was Wallace Henry, and he had radical views. The democrats liked Truman’s moderate views, and wanted him for the job. Truman did not want the job, however. He was happy in the senate. He felt he could not accomplish as much as vice president job, but he finally said yes. Roosevelt and Harry won the election. Truman hoped one day he could return to the senate. As vice president truman made no important decisions. Roosevelt rarely asked Truman for his advice. He met up with Truman only twice. On April 12, 1945 things suddenly changed because President Roosevelt suddenly died. By law Harry became president. Truman had a big problem. Truman was not ready to be president and WWII was still at war. Truman was worried about the number of people dying everyday. He promised America a “speedy victory” and he promised world peace. Two weeks later, Truman made a top secret project called the the “Manhattan Project.” The project was about the government’s plans to make an atomic bomb to drop on Japan. Truman had to make one of the toughest decisions in America’s history. He had to decide if he should drop the atomic bomb on Japan. On August 6, 1945 Truman decided to drop two bomboms on Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan. In his second term as president, Truman made decisions about war. He ordered U.S soldiers to help fight for independence for South Korea. He retired during his second term.

Character Traits

Truman is many different things here is some of them. Harry was very knowledgeable. He read the bible twice before he was 12. He read all the book in kansas city. His history teacher said that he had never might someone that knew more about the U.S.A. He was also brave. As a kid when he was sick he fought through it. He was in ww1 and ww2 and survived. As president he had to make one of the hardest decisions in world history. He was also confident. He ran for re- election many times time because he believed. He never gave up.