Patterned Porcelain Cups

By, Peggie Pinteralli

What is this project about?

These cups are flowing, swirling patterns on fine porcelain, inspired by playful experimentation. So far, 203 backers pledged $12,897 to help bring this project to life. Your backing in this Kickstarter campaign will allow Forest Ceramic Company to create a fully functioning studio, through the purchase of a new kiln. Your support will also help fund materials for new molds to increase production capacity, and allow for research and development of new products.

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Who is Sean Forest Roberts?

Sean is the founder of these patterned porcelain cups and has trained as a chemist and has always had a playful relationship with clay and ceramics. He treat's his studio like a laboratory, constantly experimenting and inventing new processes. Sean also had 12 years of experience in ceramics, with a foundation in functional pottery.