Minnesota Rocks

By: Megan Thoennes

5 facts about Minnesota

1. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840.

2.At Waitangi, in February 1840, the majority of the Maori chiefs agreed to cede sovereignty of the islands to Queen.

3. In exchange for this they wanted the precedence of own lands and a guarantee of protection.

4.Under a number of reforms proposed by Sir Rowland Hill including a standard price for sending a letter (prior to this, it was the person who received the letter who paid how much was due depending on weight and distance traveled).

5. In 1840, the first stamp is issued which featured a black and white portrait of Queen Victoria costing one penny (more often referred to as the "Penny Black").

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Minnesota is a grand place to be.
Territorial era of Minnesota1.The Minnesota territory itself was formed only in 1849 but the area had a rich history well before this. 2.History of the land that is now the modern US state of Minnesota from the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, to its achieving statehood in 1858.
Harriet Bishop 1. The first girl teacher to open a public school for kids to get an education 2. first to open the St.Paul sunday school for kids to learn about Jesus Christ our Lord.
I would travle on a stem boat why because my whole family could be with me where ever I went
" I have known Minnesota from its infancy, and have loved it as a parent does a child, till my very being is entwined with her interests; and to me it is fit for paradise. Come to Minnesota, but bring with you princibles firm and unyielding." -Harriet Bishop