Math Standard 6

Attend to Precision

Describe the Standard

- Clear definitions in discussions/reasoning

- State meaning of symbols

- Specify units of measure

- Examin claims and make use of definitions

What is the teacher doing?

Intentionally and purposefully use the correct vocabulary terms in your own speech and when describing the world around you. "Please run the perimeter of the gym."

  • Use the activity "I have, who has" using math vocabulary words.

  • Provide time for students to keep an interactive dictionary.

  • Ask students to provide a label when solving word problems.

  • Allow time daily for students to formulate and explain their ideas to other students, to the class, and to the teacher.

  • Facilitate the discussions and explanations and use probing questions.

  • Provide a space for student created word walls that develop throughout the year as the word is introduced.

What is the student doing?

  • Students talk with other students using correct math vocabulary.

  • Keep vocabulary journals that allow them to interact with the vocabulary word through pictures, drawings, and their own words.

  • Use correct terminology and are able to give examples and non-examples.

  • Play games with vocabulary words.

  • Use correct labels with word problems.

  • Use vocabulary words in explanations that help clarify their thinking.

  • Focus on clarity and accuracy of process of problem solving.

  • Provide equality problems that require students to understand the equal sign as equality not "the answer" 5 + 7 = ____ + 4

Example of a rich task

Emily doesn’t trust banks with her money.

She has stored $24,400 in one-dollar bills underher mattress.Emily's daughter tries to persuade her to take her money to the bank.

Emily's daughter tries to persuade her to take her money to the bank.

Just think of all those little bedbugs munching through your money,


The thought of millions of bedbugs eating her money is too much for Emily.

She decides to take the money to the bank.

1. Emily removes the money from under the mattress.

By how many inches will the mattress be lowered?

2. Emily is taking the $24,400 to the bank in a suitcase.

The suitcase measures 14 inches

wide, 19 inches long and 7 inches deep.

Will Emily have enough space for all the money in her suitcase?