PD Hub: Smore Experts

Hub for resources used in each PD session


This smore page was created to serve as a central location for the need materials to participate in each session as well as a resource to refer to after completion of the class.

Rationale for Professional Development Program

Day 1


  • Locate and navigate PD Hub
  • Review overall goals of professional development course
  • Establish a baseline level of comfort using instructional technology
  • Understand what smore.com is and some potential uses
  • Understand how smore can be used to foster self directed learning and build expertise
  • Create/Mangae personal smore account

Creating a New Account

Day 2


  • Access smore profile using previous materials
  • Create a new flyer(autobiography smore)
  • Add text into flyer
  • Customize format of flyer
  • Provide formative feedback to instructor

Day 3


  • Login in to profile and access autobiography flyer
  • Insert images, videos, and buttons
  • Know how to save images to computer to upload
  • Access additional support guides located in this smore
  • Complete autobiography flyer

Guides for Editing Your Smore

Day 4


  • Complete worksheet using colleague created work.
  • Make connections between PD Structure and Implementation into classroom
  • Complete summative survey