Make your own yummy creations


-My cousin would always bake when she was younger so then one day she asked me if i wanted to help and since then I loved it.

-I first started baking when I was in 6th grade

-I love mostly decorating them and trying out new desserts, finding a way to challenge myself and mostly sharing them with my family and friends.

My cousin

My cousin was the person who got me interested in it. She is always baking and wants to become a pastry chef and open up her own business. She helps me and I love when we bake together because I always learn something new from her.

Some of the top jobs include

Guaranteed to be creative and special everyday!


How is baking part of my foundation to become an NICU nurse?

How can my passion help me in my future career?

Next Steps

I want to keep on baking because it's relaxing to me and thats my time for myself. I will keep on getting better and I will learn new things from it. I could research people who's career is dedicated to food.