with Student AUP Activation Process

Username and Password are exactly the same as your laptop login.
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New Skyward Account Form for New Teachers

New teachers must fill this form out and submit it to the campus registrar so that he/she may confirm classes were assigned to you. He/she will then fax it to the appropriate department.
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Printing Six Weeks Reports (Grade Proof Sheet)

LISD Guidelines

Weight Percentages

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Scores and Grade Marks

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Video Tutorial (below)

  1. Display Options
  2. Adjusting Weights
  3. Adding Assignments
  4. Entering Grades

*NOTE: Please disregard link to log in. It is not referring to LaredoISD when it mentions LISD.

Skyward Training

Steps to Activate Students

Computer Login Format for 2nd-5th Grade Students

Username: first name.last name initial+last 3 of ID#

Password: Last name w/1st letter capitalized+first 4 digits of DOB


(Student "Mary Martinez")

mary.m456 (Example if ID# is 123456)

Martinez0402 (Example if DOB is April 2)

Alma M. Cruz

Digital Learning Specialist