Kindergarten Classroom Guidance


School Counselor Safety Kit

Topic: Who is your school counselor and what do they do?

Learning Target: I can identify who the counselor is and the ways she can help me if I have a problem.

Lesson: I showed the students my "School Counseling Safety Kit" with items in there for students to touch and for me to discuss. The items included tissues, toothpick, Milky Way, Star, Penny, Band Aid, Eraser, Life Safer, and Cotton Ball. They each had a specific connection as to what the role of the school counselor is and how we can help students.

Application: Ask your child to see how many items they can connect with the school counselor and how we can help your child in school!

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard: PS:C1.6 Students will identify resource people in the school and know how to seek their help.