AP Psychology Abell Update

January 15, 2016

Been gone too long

Good afternoon parents. I wanted to apologize for taking so long to communicate with you. I intended to make sure I updated you every few weeks about class. The grind of school obviously interfered with my best laid plans. in coming weeks, I hope to get back to letting you know what is going on is class and maintain consistency.

AP Psychology Grades

I have entered in ALL makeup work, late work, missing work, etc. Students have until end of day on January 21 to get me the work INTO my hands. I wanted to tell you the same thing I am sending out in my schoology announcement.

January 18 - no school

January 19 and 20 - school days (we are working on chapter 4/Development)

January 21 - mandated teacher workday

January 22 - non mandated teacher workday. I may not be here at all

January 27 - Chapter 4 test and study guide due

Grade timeline for 2nd Quarter

There has been some confusion from my students about when grades are due at Page. I have tried to calm them down to no avail. I wanted to give you the timeline so that you can see exactly what is required of the teachers in the coming weeks. If you have questions please communicate with me through email or text and I will be happy to help.

January 20 - end of grading period

January 21- Feb 5 Beginning of the 10 days in which a teacher can issue an incomplete and have students complete work.

January 27 - Grades are due no later than 6 pm in powerschool. Teachers have a timeline of allowances in which they will accept work. The timeline is different for each teacher. Please ask about their late work cut off date.

February 2 - Grade cards go home to parents.

Review Books

Does your student have a review book yet? I have advised my classes to get a book through several means. Any AP review book would do the job. For years I have required students to get the book and there are many out there for former students to loan out. You can look for these books on amazon, barnes and noble, ed mccay, or borrow from another student. If money is an issue please contact me and I will find a way to get your student a book for use this year. The cost is usually around 20 dollars and can really save them time as they prepare for unit and AP testing.

AP College Board Testing and Course Information

This site has a wealth of information for students but also parents. There is one section where you can pull up the college of your choice and see what AP scores are accepted for credit. This potentially saves the college student thousands of dollars in tuition.