Flagstaff, Arizona

Presented by: Abbey Stroup

I contacted my grandparents, who have a cabin in Flagstaff.

They said that the weather remained gloomy and cold all week long.

I predicted, that the temperatures would be higher and the weather would be nicer than it actually was.

About Flagstaff's Weather

  • It is still currently Winter
  • Highest: 49° Lowest: 13°
  • The average wind speed was 7 mph, mainly blowing South West
  • The precipitation was rainy and snowy, and had an average of 1in.
  • The humidity began at 89%, and then slowly dropped, then rose at the end of the week

Flagstaff's Climate

  • Flagstaff is rainy and snowy during the winter, with a high of 43° and a low of 17°
  • The latitude is (35° 11' 53" N), and Flagstaff is located on the west of the Rocky Mt.
  • The prevailing winds mainly remain southerly throughout the year
  • Flagstaff is adjacent to Mount Elden, and is a small spread out town
  • Flagstaff is not prone to hurricanes and tornadoes due to being west of the Rockies
  • Flagstaff is located in the San Francisco peaks, so it does receive lower temperatures and less humidity than a regular town on sea level.
  • The town is not by a large ocean or lake
  • Flagstaff is affected by cold ocean currents
  • Flagstaff is located farther away from an ocean, so it receives less rainfall

Flagstaff's Location

Flagstaff is located right in the middle of the northern half of Arizona. The town is adjacent to Mount Elden, which is one of the peaks of the San Francisco Peaks mountains range. The famous Route 66 runs right through the middle of Flagstaff. It is also a popular place for travelers to stay during their trip.

What If Flagstaff Moved?

If Flagstaff were to be moved closer to the Pacific Ocean, the affect would be much higher temperatures and less rainfall. Much of Flagstaff's green wilderness would start to die off due to hot, dry conditions.