Winsor- Faculty Update

Late February Edition

Recess Rocks

During two days in February, our Winsor recess team had the opportunity to train with a cohort of elementary schools around the state as part of the Recess Rocks Program. This fabulous training provided our team an opportunity to enhance recess for our students and to make supervision for our staff more pleasurable, as the skills imparted will result in fewer behavioral challenges for our students. Engaged students are active students, and active students are interested in playing games and having fun. Increased engagement at recess leads to better academic achievement, greater behavioral and emotional regulation, and fewer behavioral incidents, while also strengthening peer relationships.

Our recess team will be modeling a few of the games we learned, as well as engaging our entire faculty in the processes and supports learned, during our next faculty meeting on Wednesday, March 6th. Please wear comfortable attire on the 6th- including sneakers.

Growth Mindset

Last Friday, our town meeting focused on a Growth Mindset- the idea that student capacity to grow, learn, and achieve is fluid, based upon effort and persistence, not innate ability. Our emphasis was on grit- the cultural expectation that all Winsor students give their most robust effort in all school contexts; the classroom, hallways, recess area, and cafeteria. The entire student body was shown two short videos. For your information, please take a couple of minutes to view the links below:

Certificates were given to those students that demonstrated a Growth Mindset during this town meeting. We will also be recognizing students demonstrating a Growth Mindset during our March town meeting, for which a date will be forthcoming shortly. Please continue to emphasize this in your classroom. This is important as we are in the midst of benchmarking and RICAS is on the horizon for our upper grades. Continuing the development of grit and stamina for our students, coupled with high expectations, will lead to positive outcomes during both local and state assessments.

Responsive Classroom

Please, if you have yet to be trained in the Responsive Classroom approach, hold the week of August 19th this upcoming summer, as it looks like the four day, comprehensive training will be offered again. As our early adopting teachers will tell you, the Responsive Classroom approach provides students with a nurturing environment from which to build and maintain academic and social capacity. One key aspect of Responsive Classroom is Interactive Modeling, a methodology that provides students with a true template of the expectations, communicated through both actions and words. An excellent example of Interactive Modeling can be found here:

Spring Into Health

A schedule be be coming soon for Spring Into Health Day, scheduled for Thursday, March 7th. As part of our commitment to the whole child, we will be hosting a special speaking program on healthy eating. This will include a series of stations that will include information on how to read a food label, how to make healthy food choices, and feature a cooking demonstration. Students will have the opportunity to visit each station! Please be on the lookout for more detailed information shortly.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, March 5th- Fifth Grade Flava

Wednesday, March 6th- Faculty Meeting

Thursday, March 7th- Spring Into Health Day

Tuesday, March 12th- Calibration Session (Elementary Writing) @CO training room

Thursday, March 14th- Winsor Music Concert @SHS 5:30-7:00pm

Saturday, March 16th- State Spelling Bee @ Lincoln Middle School

Monday & Tuesday, March 17th & 18th- Data Days

Wednesday, March 20th- School Improvement Team

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