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The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalm 24:1

Yay! We made it through the first day of community! Way to go! I know the first couple of weeks can be hectic until you and your children develop a routine that works for you. Maybe you are wondering what to do during the week. Here are some suggestions. This is just a guideline. Remember each homeschool will look different. Some of us keep it very basic, others of us may add a few things that we think our children need. Remember to keep it fun and simple for you and your kids.

1) Review the "New Grammar" memory work everyday about 15 to 20 minutes. You can use the techniques the tutors demonstrated in class and other ideas you have found. If I am in the car, I play the CD. If you are home you can stream the weekly memory work or play it on your ipad. An android version will be released this fall for Cycle 2.

2) Do your language arts every day, whether that is Essentials or you are doing a phonics program. Also do your own math program everyday.

3) Check out library books related to the history and science we are learning and read stories together. Some weeks we get to this but other weeks we don't. I don't stress out about it anymore.

4) If you are inclined, try to do the science experiments at home talking about the steps of the scientific method. See if you come up with different results than we did in class.

5) Try to go over the fine art techniques you learned in class. There are many resources on CC Connected and in general on the internet.

6) Practice tracing maps or drawing them freehand if your child is older.

7) Read aloud to your children daily.

8) Spend time outdoors, children need time to play. It's an important part of their education.


Essentials Parents:

Work on your charts daily and editing exercises in the Essentials guide.

Follow your Teacher's guide in the Medieval Writing Book for the daily writing schedule.

Play mind math games with your kids.

When Mrs. Tener schedules the videos for IEW scheduled to attend. The videos are for you the teacher. It will help you teach the new unit.

For Week 2:

Family Presentations - The Burritt Family

Playground Duty - Kim Lee/Kara Wadsworth

Suggested Oral Presentations: (remember you can always choose what you want your child to present, this is just a suggestion)

Biomes: Choose one of the seven biomes and share interesting facts. Bring home a picture to illustrate your Biome.

Skill to practice: Eye Contact. Look at each member in the audience to make him/her feel special.

If you are going to be out for a day please ask another family to cover for you for cleanup and or playground rotation. Our clean up schedule with details will be posted by my white board for the first few weeks. At the end of the day the families of Essentials and Challenge should work together to clean up the Challenge and Essentials classrooms as well as making sure the bathrooms are cleaned. The hallway with Classroom #2 and Challenge room also needs to be vacuumed.

Community Announcements:

Volunteer Roles

At orientation I handed out a list of volunteer opportunities for our campus. These are extra things that parents have requested in the past. These are just extras that make our community a little more connected. If these roles don't get filled then we won't have the particular activity, no biggie. If you see an area that would like to volunteer for please sign up on the google sheet attached or email me and I will put your name down. I will also be passing out this sign up sheet at morning assembly for the next few weeks.

Here is the sign up sheet:


Your child is welcome to bring a snack to share with his classmates the week of his/her birthday. Please consult with your tutor to see if she might have a preference. Some children might react differently to special treats with a lot of sugar.

Maps and Facility Fees

If you didn't pick up a map or didn't have the cash on hand, please see me next week. I will have the maps with me again. Also, if you forgot to bring in your facility fee you can bring it next week.


Parking is available on the east side of the building, adjacent to the business that is directly on the side. We want to leave parking in front of the OC (in between the church and outreach center) open for the families that are dropping their kids off for the preschool program that starts after labor day.

The Core Book Club

Last year several families got together and discussed The Core by Leigh Bortins (the founder of CC). The Core is meant for parents who have children in the grammar stage. If this is your first year of CC, I highly recommend that you read the book. If you would like to discuss it with other families, our first meeting will be September 10 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at Panera Bread in Broken Arrow. We will be discussing chapters 1 and 2. This would be a great time to ask questions and get some ideas from other families.
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Biome Showcase

I thought it would be fun to add a little something extra to our community this year. Please note that this is optional and NOT something you have to participate in at all. Remember you are the teacher and you get to decide what you are going to do. For those of you that want to add something extra to your homeschool and have your kids explore the weekly science work we are learning, I thought it would be fun to have a Biome Showcase.

On Week 5 (September 21st), The kids can bring in a representation of any biome from week 1's grammar. This could be a diorama, or a model. It needs to include which biome it represents, plus an example of a carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore, and a producer, consumer, and decomposer which is native to it's environment. These all need to be labeled. These are the only guidelines. Your kids can be as creative as they want. This is not a contest per say but more of a showcase where the kids can do something fun. While showing off their work and seeing their peers work also. We can have a table that showcases these. I might have a small reward for those that participate. I haven't decided that yet.

Community Handbook

If you have a question about a policy or procedure, please refer to the community handbook that I emailed before orientation. Most of your questions will be answered in that document. I will also be putting this document and the things I passed out on our secret facebook community page.

Map Contest

Please see details in my email that I sent out on Thursday. Mrs. Hibbet's class has officially challenged Mrs. Robinson's class. Noah DeNeui was so excited by Mrs. Hibbets map skills that he went home and drew 25 maps on Wednesday! Way to go Noah!! We are that much closer to our goal of 2,500.

Week 1 and Beyond

In geography this week, students memorized and located the continents and oceans. This broad overview will prepare them to begin drawing and labeling all countries in the world, by the time they have completed all three cycles of Foundations. In Challenge A, they will learn to draw and label them on the world map. These activities will give students a mental map that, if properly reviewed, will last for a lifetime. From then on, when they read history, literature, or current events, they will be able to place people and events on this mental map.

In Foundations this week your child learned the 8 parts of speech. In Essentials this week we also learned the parts of speech. In fact, all the English Grammar we learn in Foundations, will come up again in Essentials. The classical model is about repetition and going a little bit deeper in our understanding each time we are introduced to material a second and third time around.

Online Extras

Week 1 Timeline Handmotions to help you at home.

Short video on what CC Connected is.

Mrs. Tener shared the third video with her Essentials Class. I thought it might help some of you too.

Classical Conversations Timeline Motions Week 1
Tour the New CC Connected!
Cycle 2, Week 1, 8 Parts of Speech