IUD (Mirena)

By Alanna and Yulendis

Who uses IUD and how does it work to prevent pregnancy?

Females are the only ones that uses it. IUD works to prevent pregnancy by not letting sperm go into the egg. IUD also changes the lining of the uterus so an egg does not get implant in the lining if it has been fertilized.

How does an individual uses IUD?

The female use it for she can't get pregnant, but she can only get it removed If she wants to get pregnant and she can only get removed by a doctor. The IUD is only affected for 10-12 years.

Do you need a prescription?

You do need a prescription from a doctor for the pharmacy.

Does thus method protect against sexually transmitted infections from (STI)

It is most likely they are not a protection from (STI).
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How Much does IUD cost?

IUD Cost from 5 to 12 years it Cost $0 to $1,000 depending which IUD you choose in general.

How effective is IUD?

IUD is extremely 99% effective.

How does IUD compare to other methods?

What are the advantages/benefits to using your method?

  • Can be removed when ever you have problems or want to stop using it.
  • IUD is easy to use.
  • Does not require cooperation of sexual Partner.

What are the disadvanteges or side effects for IUD?

  • Only a health professeional can remove the IUD.
  • Never attempt to remove the IUD yourself or your Partner.
  • Side effects in some women.
  • Require insertion and removed by a clinic
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