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September 2015

[Innovations] Ziip: The Latest At-Home Skin-Care Device

There’s a growing market for at-home beauty devices that deliver professional-grade results, with blemish-eradicating LED light machines, laser hair-removal systems and spa-grade skin-sloughing instruments all getting downsized to hand-held proportions. The latest innovation in portable services is Ziip, a buzzy nano-current skin saver that provides the benefits of electrical facials with focus on pulsing nano currents into the skin. Ziip is the first commercial skin-care device with a supporting app that can wirelessly upload four different electrical “cocktails,” each designed with precise combinations of current strength, waveform, frequency and time increments for nearly fail-safe application.

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[Campaigns Worth Seeing] Can an Ad Campaign get Egyptian Men to Speak the Names of their Mothers?

UN Women and Impact BBDO Dubai created a 2-minute film for Mother's Day, addressing a common Arab taboo: men refusing to speak their mothers' names in public.

Watch the video below and read more about the campaign by clicking here.

Give mom back her name: #MyMothersNameIs

[Beauty News] The 'Man Bun' & Other Styles

This year has been a big year for men in hair care – major trends towards man buns, top knots, undercuts and longer hairstyles. This trend has resulted in increased revenue for the sector, and styling brands should take notice – and advantage.

Stepping ahead of the game, styling brands could offer tips and advice to encourage experimentation as research found that 17% of men were worried about difficult to style hair. Some 23% of respondents also said that they would be interested in products that made the process of styling easier.

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Tips to Ensure Social Media is Working as an Extension of Your Brand

Communication is one of the most fundamental elements of any business plan or strategy. Knowing how to leverage the different communication platforms at your disposal is key to making real connections between your brand and audience.

Strategize: The first thing to know about social media is that it is not impulsive. There has to be reason and strategy; you shouldn't post just for the sake of posting. It's important to focus on how the post aligns with your key messages.

Communicate: This may be stating the obvious, but social media allows you and your brand to really communicate with your audience. The best thing about using online tools is that you get to see how people are reacting to your message in real time, and you can reach back out and communicate with each member of your audience on a personal level.

Analyze: Monitoring what people are saying about your brand or message is critical if you are going to have a presence on social media channels as it allows you to locate, forecast and respond to conversations. Analyzing what people are saying is not limited to posts or content directly on your brand's channel and a simple Google search with the key words will help you get started.