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September 15, 2015

Social Studies Unit Test this Friday

We will be having our first Social Studies unit test on Friday (9/18). Typically, I will try to give a bit more notice about upcoming unit tests. However, since this unit does not have a huge amount of content, it is very short, and therefore there wasn't time to give a lot of notice. For this test, students should study their two (pink) note sheets (1 - "First Notes"; 2 - "First Americans"). Students also have a (blue) vocabulary review sheet that is due on Thursday (9/17).

Math Quiz on Monday (9/20)

Mrs. Olvany's Math classes periods 3, 4, & 9 will be having a quiz on Monday (9/20).

English Skills Test Next Friday

Students will have their first skills test next Friday (9/25). This covers skills lessons #1 and #2. Kids should already studying their skills packets for 5-10 minutes per day at home.

Science Poetry

We have started the school year with a unit on plants (with a little science poetry thrown in). Please ask your child to recite the poem that he or she learned in Science class! (We are still a ways away from our first unit test).

Teacher Webpages

Some teachers have their own classroom websites. You may be able to find more information, links, assignments, etc. by visiting their classroom webpages.

NOTE - the password to visit all school websites is: Canandaigua

Mrs. Olvany is particularly good about keeping her website up-to-date with assignments. Click HERE to visit her webpage.

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