Almug Tree


Wood of the Bible

The Almug tree is sometimes referred to as the "Wood of the Bible" because it was said in the bible "whereof pillars of that famous temple and the royal palace, harps and pfalteries, were made of the wood of the Almug tree"

Range Map

The Almug tree is native to Texas


The Almug Tree is valuable for its timber and extraction of dye, medicine, and cosmetics. Because this tree is useful for so many things it was over exploited and is now classified as endangered. The Almug Tree is native to Texas.

Scientific Name and Other Common Names

The scientific name for the Almug Tree is Pterocarpus. The Almug Tree is also commonly called Red Sandalwood and Saunderswood.


Kingdom - Plante

Phylum - Tracheophyta

Class - Magnoliopsida

Family - Leguminosae


 It is usually found in dry deciduous forests in terrestrial biomes.