Scientific Questionnaire

Maddi Payan and Vikram Murugan-3rd Period


Does grade level affect the average number of hours of homework per night?


If last years juniors took at least two AP classes, then they would have more hours of homework per night than last years freshmen who took at least two AP classes.

Parts of the Experiment

Dependent Variable: Hours of homework per night.

Independent Variable: Grade level (Last years freshmen or juniors).

Control: None.

Experimental Group: Last years freshmen and juniors who took at least two AP classes.

Two factors held constant: One is the number of AP classes required and the second is the grade level.

Data Table

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Bar Graph

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Last year the freshmen had only 1 - 5 hours of homework everyday, while the juniors had 5 - 7.5 hours of homework. This shows that the maximum number of hours of homework a freshmen did in this selected group is the same as the minimum number of hours of homework that a junior did. When comparing the average number of hours of homework, the freshmen got 2.8 hours of homework, while the juniors got an average of 6.1 hours of homework. The average clearly shows that an average freshman did about 3.3 hours of homework less than the average junior. When including standard error of the mean, the error bars ranged from 2.4 - 3.4 hours for freshmen and 5.7 - 6 hours for juniors. Since they did not have any numbers in common they were statistically different.

The reason our data pointed this way was because juniors take harder or more rigorous courses than freshmen do. Juniors usually take at least 3 AP courses while freshmen normally only take one. Due to the multitude of AP courses, juniors tend to do more hours of homework than the amount freshmen do


The purpose of designing a comparative investigation that answers a specific research question was successfully achieved. Our hypothesis was supported because last year, Juniors had more hours of homework on average per night due to the harder AP classes they took compared to last years Freshmen.

Sources of Inaccuracies/Errors

There are many factors that come into play that could have made our findings inaccurate. One of which could have been if we had asked a different group of people for each grade. There could have been human error where some people may have exaggerated their number of hours of homework per night. Some people may have taken breaks in between the time they started and ended doing homework. People also take different amount of time to complete the same amount of homework although Juniors usually have harder AP classes than freshman.


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