Washington ELC and NJSD 4K Program

Weekly Staff Newsletter

October 12th-October 16th, 2015

(The background on this newsletter is dedicated to Jamie Palau)

This week's meetings/activities

Please review the meetings/activities for this week. I will indicate those that I am scheduled to attend by putting an (S) next to it. If you feel I missed something, please let me know a.s.a.p.

Monday, October 12:

PALS window begins today!

Tuesday, October 13:

Stacie out today (husband's surgery)

Wednesday, October 14:

Thursday, October 15:

Stacie out today (Regional 4K meeting)

Friday, October 16:

A look ahead:

October 21: WELC Picture Re-Takes from 10:00-1:00


Thanks so much for everyone that was able to help with this week's activities!! We had a very busy week with Monday's WELC PTO meeting, Tuesday's singing at the Board Meeting, Wednesday's WELC Playground Grand Opening, Thursday's staff meeting, and Saturday's family event at Cavanaugh Carriages!

I really appreciate the extra time that you put in to make these events so successful!

The feedback from our families, and our Administration, is very positive.

I am very fortunate to work with each of you!!

LST Meeting Dates for WELC

Meetings begin at 12:30. Anticipated times for each teacher will be sent out by Friday AM.

Reminder! Please send an email with the subject line: LST 10/23/15 (using the date of the meeting). This really assists me with finding these emails in the 100's that come in everyday!

Dates for 2015-16:

October 23

November 6

November 20

December 4

December 18

January 8

January 22

February 12

March 4

March 18

April 15

April 29

May 6

May 20

Completing Attendance at WELC/ACI

Please try and have your attendance completed by 8:45/12:30. Angie needs time to review the attendance and begin phone calls for students that are marked absent/unexcused.

Bus Changes and Bus Behavior Update

Only a few bus changes for tomorrow. I updated these this morning.


  • Please look through this list on a weekly basis and let me know if the information that is in the Google Doc and the information you have is different. There were several students who were not in the Google Doc but were coming in/going out on bus routes (this is mostly happening at the off-sites). Sometimes Melissa forgets to update me on the off-site changes.
  • Regular Education 4K students SHOULD NOT be in car seats. Car seats are available for use by special education students due to safety and behavior issues.
  • As of this week, the bus drivers have been informed that they will be doing write-ups for 4K students that are getting out of their seats or having other behavior issues on the bus. Please remind all of your bus students of the expected behaviors for riding the bus.
  • Please inform me of any write-ups that are happening for our 4K students. We will have a talk with the parents and if the behaviors continue, the student could get a suspension from the bus.
  • My feeling is that if a student is having behavior problems on the bus, they are probably also having problems in school and this is a 2nd environment for documentation. If that is not the case, then we need to address this with the parents as a safety concern and remind them that bus service is privilege not a right.


A few things:

  • The 4K PALS window is October 12th-November 6th
  • You must pick a 2 week window within that to complete your class
  • Please send me your anticipated testing schedule
  • Scott and Amy will test their SPED students and will give the test results to the 4K teacher to input as they do not have their own access to the students in the PALS system
  • You can access more information about giving the assessment, how to enter scores, etc at http://www.palswisconsin.info/
  • If you still need assistance with PALS specifics (after accessing the information on the PALS Wisconsin site), Bridget said she is willing to schedule something with any/all who would like to meet. Let me know ASAP if you need further assistance
  • Please let me know if you have questions!

October Informal Observations

I will be doing an informal (10-15 minute) observation for all certified staff during the month of October. We will set up a meeting after this observation to discuss the EP process and any questions/concerns you may have.

To Do!

  • Please let me know ASAP if there are any conferences you would like for me to attend to support your conversation with the parents
  • Please invite me to a conference that you would like for me to use as an informal observation (indicate that when you invite me)