By: Nick Zappone



A large, lumbering, childlike migrant worker. Due to his mild mental disability, Lennie completely depends upon George, his friend and traveling companion, for guidance and protection. The two men share a vision of a farm that they will own together, a vision that Lennie believes in wholeheartedly. Gentle and kind, Lennie nevertheless does not understand his own strength. His love of petting soft things, such as small animals, dresses, and people’s hair, leads to disaster.


This is a link to spark notes where it describes lennie

Quotes of Lennie

"The rabbits we're gonna get and I, I get to tend 'em." -Lennie
"You said I was your cousin!" -Lennie
"You damn right, George! You *god* damn right!" -Lennie
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I added a picture of a Rabbit because Lennie's dream is to raise a farm with rabbits.

The theme of the story is Fraternity and the Idealized Male Friendship.

Lennie represents this theme because him a George have a very strong friendship. Lennie has mental disabilities and George has to look after him. Lennie trusts George with a lot of things. Their dream is to raise a farm of bunnies together.

Videos of Lennie

I added those videos because the first one is an analysis of Lennie. The second video is the ending of the story where George is forced to kill his best friend Lennie because of Lennie's actions.

'Of Mice and Men' Character Analysis- Lennie
Of Mice And Men - George Shoots Lenny