By Zach Rowell


The deciduous forests are located in the temperate zone above the tropical forests and below the coniferous forests. Most of Europe, the eastern half of North America, parts of Japan and Asia were once covered with large deciduous forests.

Abiotic Factors

The average annual temperature in a deciduous forest is 50° F. The average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches a year.


The average annual temperature in a deciduous forest is 50° F. The average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches a year. In the temperate deciduous forest, it is hot in the summer time and cold in the winter time.

Plant Life

Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves once a year at the approach of a cold or dry season and later grow new leaves. Plants that keep their foliage throughout the year are called evergreens. Deciduous trees usually have broad leaves e.g., ash, beech, birch, maple and oak.


Animals in temperate deciduous forests also have to adapt to the changing seasons. They must be able to cope with cold winters when food is in short supply. Migration and hibernation are two adaptations used by the animals in this biome.


An example of cooperation would be squirrels and chipmunks working together to get limited resources.

An example of competition would be squirrels and chipmunks fighting over limited resources.


Wolves eat deer

Owls eat mice

Snakes eat chipmunks

Mountain lions eat deer

interesting fact

The tallest tree in the world is in a temperate deciduous forest in California. It is 275 ft tall and 95 ft wide.

ecological concerns

The main threats to the temperate deciduous forests are development and agriculture, logging, and global warming.

2 endangered species include the Long-Eared Owl and the Wood Turtle.

We rely on the oxygen from the trees in the temperate deciduous biome more than most people realize. We also need to leave these environments in tact. Otherwise, the animals and plants that are found here will die. There are some conservation efforts in place but the damage has already had a severe impact in many of these biome locations around the world.