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Perseus Journey Cycle

Status Quo: He cares about his mother and stays protective over her! Call to adventure: He told Polydectes that he would get medusa's head. Assistance: Athena. Departure: Set out on one bright October morning to go get Medusa's head. Trials: You could turn like stone if you look into medusa's eyes. Approach: Finding Medusa. Crisis: Whacked medusa's head off while sleeping. Treasure: His mother. Result: Medusa's head was still able to turn people into stone. Return: He returned to seriphos. New Life: He used the head on Polydectes and went back to his mother. Resolution: That Polydectes made the mistake for sending perseus to get mad medusa's head.


Archetype: the mold to follow

Complex Character:

Direct Characterization: the process by which the personality of a fictitious character is revealed by descriptive adjectives and phrases.

Indirect Characterization: the process by which the personality of a fictitious character is revealed through the characters speech and actions.

Character Purpose/ Motivation:

Epic: heroic; majestic; impressively great.

Epic Hero: a brave and noble hero or admired for great achievements.

Round & Dynamic/ Flat & Static Character: a character in fiction who personality, background and motives are fully described. a dramatic character who undergoes an important inner change./ a character that might not be fully described but is useful in carrying out some narrative purpose. a character that undergoes little or no change.

Folk Hero: someone who is admired for their achievements by ordinary people.

Myth: A traditional story, early history of people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, typically involving supernatural beings.

Theme/Universal Theme:

Journey/Quest: traveling from one place to another for a long time/ a search or pursuit to find or obtain something.

This I Believe Essay Written By: Melanie Macias

A Hero can be anyone

A hero can be anybody you want it to be. Not all heroes are handsome, beautiful, and have strong muscles like Thor. Heroes are everywhere and everything. Their the people that we see in our daily lives. They become heroes for little things they do. For example, my friend Jessie gives me some of her food. She just became my hero, not because she gave me food and I really wanted it, but for showing her kindness to me and giving me energy to go throughout my day. See, do you understand a little on how I see heroes. You don’t believe you have to do anything quite special, like saving a cat in a tree or helping an old woman cross the road. Those are all nice things, but you should always think you're a hero. Everyday you can go through life making a difference in someone’s elses life and to me I think everyone is a hero. Anyone and anything can be a hero. My favorite brand of chips can be my hero because it fills up my tummy or somebody could give me their clothes and they could be my hero for that because maybe I’m a person who doesn’t have the money to buy any fancy clothes. Becoming a hero isn’t that hard, it’s actually a simple act of kindness in your heart. So you shouldn’t go out and think that a hero is like the Marvel characters in the comic books and movies. No, it’s the very people sitting next to you.

Questions of the Day

  1. How do circumstances and events impact the development of a hero?
  2. How does a hero reflect the values of his/her society?
  3. How can a hero inspire or motivate an entire society?
  4. How do heroes display archetypal traits?

Hercules and Perseus Journey

The Journey of Hercules

Whenever Hercules was a baby Zeus's wife Hera was jealous of him, so she sent snakes to kill him, but it didn't work because he was born strong and strangled them. When he got older he was already proving he was super strong and great at using the bow. Then Hercules killed his two killed because of Hera who was driving him mad. For his punishment he had to do many tasks "Labors" His first labor was to kill the Nemean Lion was he was very successful for that. His cousin was very scared of his heroic powers so he sent him to do many more labors. His last labor was to bring the hell hound Cerberus up from the infernal kingdom of Hades. After he was successful for killing Cerberus he asked permission from Hades and his wife Persephone if he could take the dog back with him to Mycenae. Hercules became a hero for all of his task and for his reward he married a goddess and also received a home on top of Mount Olympus.

Halls of Heroes

Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero!

Martin Luther King Jr. is a brave african american man who wrote a speech about civil rights movement. He saw a brighter future for african americans and that one day they will be as equal as the whites.

Martin was always a strong worker when it came towards the civil rights. He became a leader, and many african americans would boycott, and would not ride on the bus unless it was equal. Martin had a big impact on people, he was telling people to believe in what they wanted. That’s how he became such a good leader. During the days of boycotting king got arrested, he had his home bombed, he was subjected to personal abuse. He still didn’t care, he is a brave african american man. He fought for what he knew was right.

Martin Luther King Jr. is determined to get what he wants and that is to be equal. He would travel all kinds of places and he spoke over “twenty-five hundred times.” I think that is a pretty brave person to go up in front of hundreds and sometimes millions. In the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” he talked about how he didn’t care about the criticism from others, but he really wanted to answer their statements. He found in what he believed in. That was the freedom to be equal.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a hero. He is a hero because he showed people what a true hero is. Not only did the speech “I Have a Dream” touch people’s hearts, but it changed the view on society. Martin fought like a warrior! He showed bravery, patience, and trust. He was brave enough to go in front of millions to tell his speech. He wanted everyone to know what his dream was. He wanted to put a stop to discrimination and segregation even if it caused him pain. He didn’t care if the world was against him, he was fighting for what is right. What I like about Martin Luther King Jr. was never showed fear, and he was patient.

Martin Luther King is a brave hero. He showed to many that there is nothing to be afraid of. If you believe in something that you know is right then do it. Be patient because whatever you strive for could happen. “I have a dream...” is what he said and we all have dreams, and in our dreams we have a hero and mine would be him.