wayne williams


An American serial killer who was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1982 for killing two adult men. After his conviction the Atlanta Police announced that Williams was responsible for at least 23 of the 29 Alanta murders of 1979-1981, also called the "Atlanta Child Murders".


Williams subsequently failed three polygraph tests, and hairs and fibers from another victim's body were found to be consistent with those from Williams' home, car, and dog. Co-workers told police they had seen Williams with scratches on his face and arms around the time of the murders which, investigators surmised, could have been inflicted by victims during a struggle.

Arrest and Trial

On June 21, 1981, Williams was arrested, and on February 27, 1982, he was found guilty of the murders of Cater and another man, Jimmy Ray Payne, 21. The conviction was based on physical evidence—matching fibers found on the victims and in Williams’s personal possessions—and eyewitness accounts, and he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.