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January 8th, 2022


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នៅផ្នែកខាងស្តាំនៃព្រឹត្តិបត្រព័ត៌មាននេះមានប៊ូតុងបកប្រែ សូមចុច និងជ្រើសរើសភាសារបស់អ្នក ហើយព្រឹត្តិបត្រព័ត៌មាននឹងត្រូវបានផ្លាស់ប្តូរ!

Principal's Thoughts

As we compose this edition of the "Paws-itively News", we are watching the arrival of our first significant winter snowstorm. We made it all the way to January 7th for the snow to arrive. Wondering what the groundhog will say about a possible early spring?

This morning I reviewed nearly 200 entries in our "Winter Weather Challenge" contest. We had one student who came within one day of correctly picking the date of the first snowstorm. She was only off by one day as she picked January 8th.

  • Congratulations to Teaghan who is a third-grader in Mrs. Arsenault's class. Teaghan will join me for a special lunch, along with several of her friends.

Keep in mind that all of the students still have 2 more opportunities to win: Total inches of snow for the entire winter and Last day that snow is seen on the grounds of Page Hilltop. Good luck to all of you!

Thank you for sharing your children with us!!

Fred Deppe, Principal,, ext 1400

Matt Lutinski, Assistant Principal,, ext 1426

ASRSD 2021 - 2022 School Calendar (revised - December 15th, 2021)

Please click here to see a copy of the revised school calendar.

Revisions include additional early release days on the following dates...

  • Wednesday, January 12th. **THIS WEEK**
  • Wednesday, February 9th
  • Wednesday, March 9th
  • Wednesday, April 13th
  • Wednesday, May 11th

**Early Release Days -- Dismissal @ 1:45 -- Lunch is Served**


  • Wednesday, January 12th -- Early Release -- Dismissal @ 1:45 -- LUNCH WILL BE SERVED
  • Friday, January 14th -- Page Hilltop / ASRSD Spirit Day - Wear your "Maroon and White"
  • Monday, January 17th -- MLK Day -- No School
  • Friday, January 21st -- 1/2 Day -- Dismissal @ 12:15 -- NO LUNCH SERVED

January's Lunch Menu

Please click here to view the January lunch menu.

Monday -- Lasagna Roll-Up

Tuesday -- Waffles w/ Syrup and Sausage

Wednesday -- Beef Nachos

Thursday -- Meatball Subs

Friday -- Sal's Pizza


Parents/Guardians can still enroll students in our weekly COVID safety checks (pool testing) by completing the consent form on the CIC website. Pool testing is completed every Monday (with the exception of holiday weeks) and parents/guardians are only notified if their child is positive. Wednesday is the cutoff for enrollment to be in next Monday's pool testing.

Directions to provide consent for pool testing...

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Consent Now"
  3. Select your school district "Ayer Shirley School District"
  4. Select your school "Page Hilltop Elementary School"
  5. Click "Sign Consent Form for a Minor"
  6. Follow the following prompts

Upcoming ACCESS Testing for ELLs

ACCESS for ELLs is a state-mandated English language proficiency assessment given to students in Kindergarten through grade 12 who have been identified as English language learners. It is given annually to monitor students' progress in acquiring academic English. Our ELL students will begin this assessment on Tuesday, January 11th during the times when they would normally attend ELL class. We hope for most testing to be completed by January 21st (depending on the need for make-ups due to absences, school closings related to weather, etc.). Kindergarten students will take the test in one session, which will last about 45 minutes. All other grade levels will take the test in four separate parts -- listening, speaking, reading, and writing -- one part each day, with each session taking about an hour to complete. Best of luck to all of our ELL students!

Any questions can be direct to Mrs. Hoeske ( or Mrs. Desrochers (


Page Hilltop will be running a "Sock Drive" for the month of January. We are looking for pairs of NEW socks that will be used to help PH students & families in need throughout our community. If the staff and students of Page Hilltop can achieve our goal of 500 pairs of socks we will be celebrating with a "Pajama Day / Comfy Sock Day" sometime in early February. Thank you for your continued support!

As of Thursday, January 6th we have already collected 388 pairs of socks. We are well on our way to our January 31st goal of 500 pairs of socks! At this point in time, we are confident that we will reach our goal of 500 by the end of the month. Keep the sock donations coming!

We will not be counting socks or announcing the number collected for the rest of the month now. Instead we will ask all students to PREDICT HOW MANY PAIRS OF SOCKS we will have collected by January 31st. Write your guess down on a piece of paper, with your name and homeroom, and send it to the office. The student(s) who come closest to the correct number of socks will win a prize from our school store.

Thank you everyone for your support.

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SPIRIT DAY -- Friday, January 14th

On Friday, January 14th we will be holding our January spirit day which will be "Maroon and White Day". Wear your Ayer-Shirley gear or anything maroon and white. Join us as we celebrate Panther Pride!


We are finishing up logistical plans for our "Panther Pride Shoppe", which will be opening in about one more week. We have a new and improved school store setting along with a variety of new items for sale. It's going to be exciting! Thanks go to our teacher, Sherry Marshall for all her help in bringing this about.


We try to provide our students with opportunities for fresh air, mask breaks and outside activities as often as possible. The "standard" we use is an outside temperature of 20 degrees or more (including wind chill factors).

Please make sure that your children come to school with appropriate outside clothing. There are many days when temperatures change from morning to mid-day recess times. For that reason, we always encourage students to bring different "layers" of clothing so that they are prepared for all weather conditions.

A reminder that thanks to the generosity of our school community, we have an abundance of winter clothing for anyone in need. Please feel free to contact Mr. Deppe, Mr. Lutinski, Mrs. Savoie, Ms. Ahlquist, or Mrs. Fusco if your family has any clothing needs. There is NO cost factor attached to any of these items.

If students wish to enjoy playing in the snow during their recess time, they are required to have boots & snow pants (along with winter coats, hats & gloves). They may choose to bring these items back and forth each day OR leave a set in their classroom.


Mrs. Furman's Class:

Students in Mrs. Furman's Kindergarten class worked on measuring mittens this past Monday using nonstandard units of measure. The students recorded their measurements on their own recording sheet and used cubes, paperclips, and pennies to help measure.

Mrs. Holme's Class: In third grade, Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Arsenault have been teaching students to identify elements of fiction (characters, setting, problem, and events leading up to the solution). For this project, students read Memoirs of a Hamster and identified the book's story elements in a planner. Then they recreated the story using all of the story elements from another character's (Pearl the cat), point of view.

Here are two examples of the books created by Mrs. Holme's students:

  1. How to Eat a Hamster by Hagan Effler and Anthony DeFreitas
  2. Memoirs of a Hamster by Mason Marshal


When our students returned to school this week and entered the cafeteria for breakfast/lunch, they were greeted by the sight of many colorful flags hanging from the walls. These are flags from countries all around the world.

At Page Hilltop we celebrate the fact that our school community is made up of students whose families come from many different ethnic backgrounds. We appreciate that our school community is a microcosm of the global community and that is what makes Page Hilltop such a wonderful place to live & learn!

We ask parents to talk with their children as to what country their ancestors might have come from. We then want to make sure that we have a flag of that country hanging proudly in our cafeteria. Show your children what their "special flag" looks like and we will make sure they can locate it in the cafeteria. If we don't have it hanging, we will make sure that we get one. If children are not sure what their flag looks like, we can help them out at school.

We are also asking students to look at all of the beautiful flags that hang in our cafeteria and do some research to learn which flag belongs to which country. Looking ahead we will be holding some contests to "name the flags".


We recently celebrated "I Am Special" day at Page Hilltop. Students and staff were asked to dress up in attire that showed something special about themselves (uniforms for any group they belonged to, special cultural clothing, something they made themselves, career attire, etc.).

Before and Afterschool Extra Help Sessions

All teachers host one weekly 30-minute extra help session either before or after school to help students who may be struggling. Please take a look at this document to see when your child's teacher holds their extra help sessions. To set something up, please email your child's teacher directly. Transportation must be provided by parents/guardians.

JANUARY 2022 - Start of a New Year - a time for setting Goals and Resolutions

With the start of any new year, many people choose to "make a resolution" to improve their life in some way (personal, health, professional, lifestyle, etc.). Do you have any individual or family resolutions to initiate on January 1st?

We are encouraging all PH students to set a "School Goal" for the year 2022. This is something that they hope to achieve between now and the end of the current school year. We ask parents to have a conversation with your child, explore options, and then determine an appropriate goal.

Students should write their goal on a 3x5 index card or piece of paper. They should include their name, grade and a statement: "My goal is ............................"

Parents may also decide to include a family goal along with the individual student goals.

All goal cards should be sent to the school office. We will be posting them all on a large display board so that they can be shared with all members of our school community. We can then celebrate and encourage each other in the achievement of our goals.


We are looking for some ideas from our students & parents. If we were to plan some after-school enrichment activities, what would your children like to participate in? Please send any and all ideas for activity clubs. You can send a note to the office or an email to Mr. Deppe.


PTO Website -- LINK

PTO Facebook Page -- Link


Daily attendance is essential to student academic success. Attendance is checked daily and reported to our school office where, in turn, it is then reported to the DESE. This does not apply to days when your child may be potentially sick and/or are involved in any COVID procedures. On those days, please make sure you contact our school office to report the health concern.

Attendance Line at Page Hilltop -- dial 978-772-8600, listen to the prompts to select "Page Hilltop" and press "3" for the attendance line.

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