News from the Nest 2.0

Parent edition Volume 20 December 2016

Welcome Fischer Families!

Welcome to News from the Nest 2.0! This online newsletter is specifically created for parents by teachers. It will serve as a useful tool in providing educational tips and strategies, as well as developing systems that parents can use to work with their children at home on the academic skills being emphasized in the school program. We hope that this information serves as a positive medium in strengthening the relationship between home and school.

CHAMPs @ Fischer

Fischer Middle School has adopted the CHAMPS model of behavior management. We want our students to be orderly, responsive, engaged, and motivated.

According to the most current research on teacher effectiveness, putting a successful behavior management system in place is a sure way of achieving these goals.

CHAMPs Classroom Management Strategy

The CHAMPs acronym defines detailed behavioral expectations. They are defined below…

Conversation: Can students converse during this activity? About what? With whom? For how long?

Help: How do students get your attention for help? How do students get questions answered? What should they do while they wait for you?

Activity: What is the expected end product of this activity? What is the task or objective?

Movement: For what reasons can students get out of their seats during this activity? Do they need permission to do so?

Participation: What behavior shows that students are participating or not participating?

The CHAMPS program will help teachers and students by...

  • Improving classroom behavior
  • Establishing clear classroom behavior expectations with logical and fair responses to misbehavior
  • Motivating students to put forth their best efforts
  • Reducing misbehavior
  • Increase academic engagement
  • Spend less time disciplining students and more time teaching them
  • Teach students to behave respectfully and to value diversity, thereby reducing cultural differences that may manifest as misbehavior
  • Feel empowered and happy to be in the classroom
  • Develop consistent behavior expectations throughout the entire building

CHAMPS Committee Members:

Jake Rebus, Michelle Conte, Nancy Pierson, Sherry Krev, Carl Tornberg, Lindsey Kinczyk, Jackie Spires, Howard Korn, Anna Fries, Kim Cancelliere, Andy Dailing, Katey Kollereb, Melissa Lullo, Jennifer Klen, Clarissa Prorok, Rebecca Haas