Culturally Diverse English Language

Tracy Leigh Edwards - English Teacher

Authors from Spain, England, Africa, United States, China, South America, Australia, Japan, and all across the globe; will be introduced to each student to enhance the learning experience. This will allow students with many different ethnic backgrounds to learn a bit of history and how it has impacted the human race.

Learning Experiences

Every student will have the opportunity to express their creative style. No one style is better then the others. Each student will tap into their creative side and learn about the English language and its importance on the human race.


So many different and diverse authors across the globe to learn about

Differentiation and its meaning

As we grow, differentiation becomes our norm of how we eventually package ourselves to the world. Each learning process helps us to distinguish or weaknesses and strengths and what lengths we need to take to improve who we are. This all happens with time and age and can define who we are or are about; in the end.

Puckett, K (2013). Differentiating Instruction: A Practical Guide. Bridgepoint Education: San Diego, CA

Most definitions describe differentiated instruction as varying approaches to instruction to maximize the achievement of all students (Puckett, 2013).

Importance of Differentiation and Instruction Stratagies

Strategies that offer choice and challenge for different students are not new. Teachers have always responded to differences in student abilities, interest, and culture, and have adjusted instruction accordingly. (Puckett, 2013)

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WHO we are....

Each person is given the opportunity in life to prove who they really are, to grow, to learn, and to teach.

What you do with the information you obtain throughout your life; it entirely up to you.