Laws of the Body


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The Law of Sanitation

The Law of Sanitation is the last of the four laws of the body as described in Rays of the Dawn by Dr Thurman Fleet.

“If man were living in a natural state, he would scarcely have to concern himself with the Law of Sanitation, for Nature would take care of him. But man is living artificially – he is exposed to an unnatural environment – and he violates the Laws of Nourishment, Movement, and Recuperation; therefore, man must obey the Law of Sanitation in order to maintain any degree of health and wholesomeness.”

1. External Cleanliness – the outside of our bodies are covered in tiny little holes we call pores and sweat glands. The intelligence in our bodies continuously uses these tiny holes to get rid of toxins, poisonous material and waste material. The function of these pores are interfered with by clothing which is why it is important to balance that with bathing.

2. Inside the Body- natural alive foods vs dead, artificial foods. Part of our internal cleanliness can be addressed by following the Law of Nourishment a diet full of fruits and vegetables helps to flush and eliminate waste materials from our insides

3. Exercise for internal cleanliness is essential. Exercise helps us to strengthen and tone our muscles especially the abdominal muscles which are imorpant to the intestinal health. Exercise also increases perspiration aka get your sweat on – which helps us eliminate wastes through our pores and eases the strain on our kidneys.

4. Destructive emotions –worry, hatred, fear. This go into internal cleanliness, cleaning our minds of destructive thoughts and emotions.

5. Nervous tension – this is a key factor that we address directly in the office. When you are subluxated there are a couple of ways this really throws this system out of balance – one interference in the direct nerve supply to and function of the organs doing the work – which can be seen in symptoms like constipation, irritable bowl, indigestion, ulcers….. Then there is also the balance of our 2 different nervous systems we call them sympathetic and parasympathetic. They might be better understood as our fight/flight vs our rest/digest systems. In our modern environment we often get super busy and “STRESSED” this activates our fight or flight system which takes energy/attention/function away from the rest and digest system. Its just like you aren’t going to focus on digesting that sandwich if you are trying to run away from a tiger. We often get stuck running away from the tiger and can’t turn it off; Chiropractic adjustments help to bring balance to the 2 systems for optimal function.