Women's Equality Movement

by: Lexi Boswell


Women's movement was created to achieve greater social, economic and political involvement for women.


  • had fewer rights
  • had lower social status
  • could not own property
  • could not have great access to education
  • were limited to staying home and caring for the children

How Women Stood Up

  • First, women concentrated on gaining voting privileges (which was gained in 1920).
  • Next women worked to gain household respect and respect from the workplace in the 1960's.
  • Then women focused on overall women's rights in 1990.
  • Many women went on strike or petitioned also
  • but women feared that speaking up about the equality amendment would result in removing the special legal protections for women workers

Were they successful?

yes, the women that took a stand were successful. In 1920 they were given voting rights, laws were passed in the 1960's-1970's for equal rights between male and female. Also, the racial equality movement in the 1960's helped bring to attention the women's rights movement .