What Way of Messaging is the Best

The Ups and Downs of 3 Kinds of Messaging--By Ellie 6-5

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First of all, texting is unique because its quick, you don't need internet to send a text, and you use a phone usually to do it. Now for the facts:

  • Elementary students who text are usually better spellers than ones who don't.
  • Texting is so popular that among adults aged 26-35 only 1 out of every 10 people prefer to meet face-to-face instead.
  • 51% of women want a text message instead of a card on special occasions.
  • Studies show that the peak for text messaging are from 10:30-11:30 PM.
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Snail-Mail is unique because its very, very slow. Many people handle it, since it moves through post offices, and sometimes the hands of different mailmen. Here are the facts about it:

  • The United States Postal Service Process (USPS) an average of 584 million pieces of mail each day.
  • The price of a single first class postal stamp is 49 cents.
  • The USPS is raising the price of the stamp because it currently loses about $25 million per day.
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Email is unique because you need WiFi to send one and its usually free. Now here are the facts:

  • Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail account for well over a billion users.
  • Spam mail costs businesses over $20 billion in decreased productivity and technology expenses.
  • 36% of all emails are opened on a mobile device.


Here are three similarities of email, texting, snail-mail:

  • All 3 are forms of written communication .
  • All are a way of keeping in touch with someone you know.
  • All are ways of expressing yourself to others.