Zooming Racers

Miss Marney's Class January 18, 2016

This Month at Starside

This week:

Monday January 18

  • No School

Tuesday January 19

  • E day: Art
  • Sparkle Reading

Wednesday, January 20

  • T day: PE and Music
  • Sparkle Homework Help

Thursday January 21

  • C day: Computers
  • Sparkle Clubs

Friday, January 22

  • O day: Library

Next Week:

Monday January 25

  • M day: PE and Music
  • Sparkle Math
  • Skate Party from 6-8

Extreme Weather Guidelines for Recess

In accordance with out commitment to student safety, and recognizing the impact extreme temperature can have on student health and wellness, USD #232 has established the following guidelines for outdoor recess/activities:

Wind Chill Considerations:

  • full recess permitted when wind chill temperature is at or about 25 degrees and students are considered to be appropriately dressed.
  • fresh air breaks, of no more than 10 minutes, are permissible (according to individual teacher discretion and administrative consultation) when wind chill temperature is between 20 and 24 degrees and participating students are considered to be appropriately dressed.

Spirit Sticks

An order came home last week to order the new spirit sticks. They are trying something new for February, Spirit Stick Valentine Grams. You can order a spirit stick and it will be delivered with a cute little Valentine.

Community Service

If your child is volunteering please make sure to fill out a community service log. Logs are available from Miss. Crow,

Extended Absence Reminder

Please be sure to let the office know when your student will be absent for an extended period. You will need to complete our Extended Absence Request Form. This helps your child’s teacher to prepare work and plan for your child’s absence. It also assists our office maintain accurate attendance reporting. Forms are located in the Starside office.

Reading Calendar

Don't forget to be marking every time your child reads 20 minutes and practices 10 minutes of math facts on the calendar in the RACE binder. I will be taking them out at the end of the month.


We are continuing to work on subtraction. The objectives we will focus on are the following:

  • Regrouping 1 ten for 10 ones
  • models to subtract two and one digit numbers
  • subtracting two and one digit numbers
  • subtracting two digit numbers
  • subtracting on a number line
  • using addition to check subtraction
  • ways to subtract

Don't forget xtramath.org is a great resource for practicing math facts. All addition facts should be mastered by December. Subtraction facts should be mastered by May.

Skills that can still be reviewed:

  • time to 5 minutes
  • counting by 5's forwards and backwards
  • adding facts up to 20
  • place value number of tens and ones in a problem
  • subtraction facts up to 20

Fun math games for practice

Reading and Writing

For the next few weeks we are going to be working on writing an opinion piece with evidence backing up our opinion. We will also be doing a fairy tale study comparing different versions of the same fairy tale.
Digital Books

The Kansas Library has free digital books. If you go to this page you can click on many different types. The one we use in class the most is Tumble books.

Social Studies

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on how things have changed using the Plains Indians, Pioneers and today. In this comparison we will be looking at the daily life, shelter, jobs of men and women, tools, and food.


Travel Changes

If your child is going home a way that is different than normal please notify the office by 3:00. You will need to email Tami Gothard at TGothard@usd232.org or call 913-667-6270. If you know ahead of time, you can also send in a note.

Follow the Activities of Our Class on Social Media

There are lots of ways to follow what is going on in our classroom.

  • Class Twitter account @StarsideMarney.
  • Text Messages from me when you text @missmarn to 81010. When you sign up, your child will get a pencil from me.
  • You can also follow Starside @StarsideComets
Lunch Menu

Click on the button to see what is for lunch this week.

Lunch Money

When sending lunch money, please send it in an envelope with your child's name on it. Also if you are planning to eat lunch with your child please email blawson@usd232.org to order your lunch preference by 9 am.