My trip to UCal: Berkeley

Megan Tebbenhoff's SMART goal


Goal: Save $25 per month from my paychecks to have $100 to purchase souvenirs on my trip to University of California: Berkeley this summer by June 2nd.

Specific: I need to save $25 a month for four months to have $100 to buy souvenirs when I go to California.

Measurable: I will know that I have met my goal when I have saved $100 by putting aside $25 a month.

Attainable: I have a job at PacSun, and I babysit and dog sit for my neighbors, so I will be able to save $25 per month.

Relevant: I want to be able to buy souvenirs from the college and from the places I will visit on my trip.

Time-Bound: The deadline for my goal is June 2nd. I can take action now by saving money and limiting spending.

Must be completed by June 2nd!