Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

March 14, 2014

Spring is Almost Here??

Hopefully spring is around the corner! We've been busy preparing your 4th grader to become a soon to be 5th grader! This week we participated in music preview day at LV! Your child should have a pretty good idea of the music choice he/she would like next year. One of the coolest experiences to transition to LV is coming up April 15th....Shadow Day! Stay tuned for more information!

Here's What We've Been Working On!

Reading- We've been focusing on our Daily 5 rounds, and our accountability sheets. Your children have been working on the skill of summarizing text. This is about a 4 sentence overview of the main points of their novel. I have been reminding the children that they should be reading something with a plot! A good-fit book that is a novel!

Writing-This week we dove in to biographies! Your child has a notebook started in notability (app on iPad) that they have expectations of the paragraphs that are due Monday.

ELA-Our focus has been on Theme, and next week we're revisiting conflict/resolution

Science-Astronomy! We're starting to look at how things change in space. This week we learned about how the earth rotates/revolves & tilts around the sun, and what these movements cause. (days/nights/seasons)

We're reformatted our daily 5 block each day to include "rounds"- During this time, your child is dedicating time to working on becoming a better reader/writer. They are responsible for completing certain tasks each week, including a tri-fold and work on their writing piece (biography for the next week) I'm giving the children more accountability and responsibility during this time to become more independent thinkers.

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary School

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