September 28 - October 2

The Buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Our last full week of September is in the books, and boy did we do a lot! While not all of it was very fun, we got a lot of necessary things done or at least started! We finished our TRC beginning of year reading tests and got logged into the computer lab for the first time and began iReady testing. (Both are county-mandated reading tests that are necessary in showing student progress throughout the course of the year.)

In math, we continued to review math and the various ways we can represent numbers by completing pages in "My Book of Numbers" and by sorting pictures and gluing them into our interactive math journals.

In reading, we read the book "I Like Myself" by Karen Beaumont and then talked, wrote, and drew about all of the things we like about ourselves! (Those masterpieces are getting hung up in the classroom because they are something to be proud of!) We also learned all about the letters G, O, and M.

As I'm sure you heard, Friday was Johnny Appleseed Day and full of activities in honor of Johnny Appleseed. We read a book, made hats, colored pictures, and tried our hand at making applesauce. (It was more like a pot full of warm, baked apples, but it was delicious anyway!) Check out some of the pictures below to see all of the fun we had. :)

We Like Ourselves Because...

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Play Doh Sight Words

Johnny Appleseed Text Responses

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Making Applesauce

Everyone got to have a hand in making our class applesauce. We discussed recipes and how important measurements are in making something the right way so that it tastes yummy!

The Week Ahead

Friday was only the beginning of the apple fun; all week we will be incorporating apples into our activities! Some of the things we will be doing include: apple tasting, graphing using apples, and using them to learn about adjectives. We'll also talk a little bit more about Johnny Appleseed and his good deeds AND making another apple treat on Friday for an apple celebration. Thanks to everyone who has signed up to bring in apples for the week! We will make use of all of them!

As far as sight words go this week, we are taking a week off from introducing new ones. I ask that you simply practice the ones we've learned thus far. Many students seem to be making great strides, which is very exciting! As I said before, sight words are a huge part of learning to read with automaticity. I appreciate your partnership!

Behavior Management

Things are going well with Class Dojo. I hope that you're helping to track your child's points at home and encouraging them for the green points and discussing any red points. The at-home reinforcement definitely carries over into the classroom.

This week, I am going to add another layer of behavior management through the use of "Dragongrams" and weekly helpers. Here's how they'll each work:

1. Dragongrams

As part of my goal to encourage positive behavior in the classroom, I will be introducing something called Dragongrams. The purpose of Dragongrams will be to promote leadership among the students. When I catch students being good leaders, they will receive a ticket. Their responsibility will be to write their name on that ticket and place it in a designated bin in the classroom. At the end of the week, however many tickets a student has in the bin will be worth 2 green dojo points each. Not only that, but I will draw from the bin each Friday and whoever's name is drawn will get to choose a prize from the prize box.

That being said, Dragongrams will not be easily earned. Students must demonstrate above and beyond behavior in order to obtain one. Therefore, it is likely that most students will not receive one during any given day or week. Some examples of oustanding leadership actions that may qualify for a Dragongram include:

1. Helping a student who needs help without being asked to do so.

2. Giving up a privilege (such as a spot in line) in order for someone else to have it.

3. Choosing to walk away from students who are not following directions, or choosing to walk away from students who are being unkind.

4. Persevering in their own work, especially when being challenged.

5. Encouraging others to keep working hard.

And any other leader-like actions that students may impress me with during the day! We will work together to define what being a leader looks like. An official Dragongram will be sent home with students who have earned them at the end of each week.

2. Teacher Helpers of the Week

Every week, I will draw two names from a jar of popsicle sticks (a boy and a girl) to be my helpers of the week. These two students will be in charge of the following things:

- Monitoring restrooms

- Carrying things in the hallway (such as playground toys out to the courtyard)

- Turning the lights on and off

- Running errands

- Helping to pass out papers

- Anything else I or Ms. Watson may ask them to do during the week

The helpers will also be the only two students permitted to sit by me during circle time and at lunch. This is something that often causes problems in class, so hopefully this will resolve said issues.

Students will be informed that their helper privileges may be revoked, though. If they receive 3 or more red dojos on a given day, they lose their helper privilege for the rest of that day and the following one. They may regain their title as classroom helper by not receiving any red dojos for one day.

Implementing these strategies will take some time; however, I feel that they will greatly benefit our class in the long run. We are doing very well in the way of getting along, but there are small items that need to be addressed and improved. I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress we make with these systems. Just like always, we are all learning and growing together every day!

Reminders/Upcoming Events

1. Book Fair!

You're invited to our book fair! Information and catalogs will be sent home Monday.

When: Oct. 5th-9th (8:00AM-3:30PM)

Where: WR Odell Elementary Media Center

2. Dragon Pride Night

Odell's inaugural Dragon Pride Night will be this Friday, October 2nd in the Odell cafeteria.

Come join us for a family night of fun playing bingo! Students, siblings, parents, grandparents….all are welcome to participate.

- $1.00 for 3 sheets

Bid on your favorite classroom basket. Enter to win a chance to be the “Principal For The Day” basket. Baskets will be raffled off throughout the evening – you must be present to win.

- $1.00 per ticket / $5.00 for 10 tickets / $10.00 for 20 tickets

Get your Dragon Wear * Prices and Information Available There

Snack type refreshments will be available for purchase

- $1.00 for water, soda, chips & popcorn / $1.00 for 2 cookies

Papa Robb’s will be selling Paradise Ice. Everyone who makes a purchase will also receive a coupon for one free Paradise Ice at the Papa Robb’s location.

The school also receives a percentage of the proceeds.

- $3.00 children size / $4.00 adult size

Funds will go towards making improvements to our concrete courtyard play area.

4. Library books can be brought back any time this week to be returned.

3. I will be creating and sending out an October calendar sometime this week, so be on the lookout for that.

This wraps up our newsletter for the week. As always, feel free to email me with any questions. I hope everyone has a great week!