K-2 Newsletter

December 18, 2015

Hi K-2 Team!

Congratulations! We are just one day away from the end of first semester. We know you and your students have been working tirelessly for the past five months and are more than ready for this two week break. Our final newsletter for 2015 includes instructional tips, math walk-thru feedback, and one final curriculum survey reminder.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2016 for CPD!

Avis, Tiffany, and Krysten

Curriculum Survey Reminder

The curriculum survey link is below. Please take this survey if you haven't already!

Heggerty and Wilson Phonics Pacing

Here is the pacing for the next two weeks of school:

Week of January 4th: Review days

Week of January 11th: Week 18

Guided Reading Tip of the Week

Our last tip of the week focused on the importance of the sight word routine in every guided reading early and emergent lessons. Some teachers have asked why we do all four steps of the sight word procedure in that specific order. This order models the gradual release of responsibility. "What's Missing" is completely controlled by teachers, "Mix & Fix" is a mix of teacher/student, and then "Table Writing" and "Whiteboards" are owned by students. These procedures go in this order to ensure students are receiving the support they need as they move forward with committing sight words to longterm memory.

Math C&I Team Walk-thru Data

The C&I team enjoyed our walk-thru on Tuesday, December 8th. We were able to look for evidence of math instruction in classrooms and see math instruction happening!

Positive Trends:

- Calendar math continues to be updated and utilized in classrooms.

- Anchor charts are present in classrooms.

- Accurate pacing and alignment to the SharePoint curriculum.

- Consistent vocabulary used across grade level classrooms.

Areas of Focus:

- Purposeful use of anchor charts- students should be able to see and access anchor charts for them to be useful. Also make sure you "retire" older anchor charts and put away those that students don't need to access.

- Consistent vocabulary across grade levels and schools- we will bring this into PD in the future!

Text Set Resources

The Achievement Network recently shared with us this resource from Achieve the Core. The text set project includes a variety of resources and suggested activities to support students in building vocabulary and knowledge.

January 4th CPD

The Achievement Schools team will all come together on January 4th for Winter CPD! See your email from Nataki Gregory on 12/17 for the agenda and necessary prework. We're pumped about our focus on Guided Reading and Math Essential Content!

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction