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For this week's Ed Tech Tips, I have called in a little assistance. The students in my 7th grade Computer Applications class have created short explanations of different tech tools. The purpose of these are they are all available on student (and teacher) Chromebooks. This was a project developed by my Collaborative Teacher Team and answers the question, "What is this tool and how can I use it?" The following are a few of their explanations of various Chrome Extensions, add-ons, and resources that students in the DCSD have.

Save to Google Drive

By: Jeremy A.

Explanation of use: Your storage works with Drive and many other google things, so you can store files, save google stuff and back-up photos directly to your Drive.

How Can Students Use it: If they find a resource online like an article or website, they can save it directly to their Drive.

Easy Bib Extension

By: Madison W.

Explanation of Use: Easybib helps people cite things for papers essay etc.. When your reading someone's paper it helps people know where they got their information from.

How Can Students use it: DCSD students use easybib by citing your source from a presentation, paper etc.

G Suite Training Tool

By: Mary S.

Explanation of Use: G Suite Training will show you how to do things in the Google Apps

How Students can use it: If they don’t know how to do something then they can just click the logo in the top right corner and it will tell them how to do whatever they want.

Alice Keeler Classroom Split

By: Makenna D.

Explanation of Use: it splits your screen in half for google classroom on one side and your work on the other.

How can students use it: Students can use this resource so that they don't have to keep going to or having to find the other tab of work or to open the other part of the assignment.

The Star in Google Drive

By: Gage W.

Explanation of use: You can save your Google files that you use most and you don't have to search to find them and they keep you more organized.

How can students use it: When they're doing projects they can save them and don't have to search for them again. Kind of like a bookmark.

Alt Shortcut Keys

By: Alysann S.

Explanation of Use: 1. Make sure that you switch on the Number Lock on your keyboard.

2. Hold down the ALT key (left alt key). 3. And type the number of which alt code you want to get.

How can students use it: If you need to use a symbol that is not on your keyboard.

A Few Additional Resources


By: Paul S.

Explanation of Use: Helps you find out when an article was published

how can students use it: If the writer didn’t put the date of publishing on the article the student can find out when it was published

Poll Everywhere

By: D Amontae S.

Explanation of resource: Used to create polls, or do polls for entertainment, and business needs.

How can students use it: It can be for educational purposes. Like making polls for their social studies to quiz classmates or teachers.

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