The FRIDAY Review

December 6, 2019

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What are we doing right?

Spartan Family,

So many times, you are told what you need to work need to improve on this, you need to do a better job here, you've got to better on that. I wanted to take time to let you know that I really appreciate all of the things that you do right. I hope you get the idea that you are appreciated. Thank you for the sleepless nights, the weekends, the late afternoons and the early mornings. See below...

  • You love our students and go out of your way to show it. (Thank you for purchasing items they need, paying their ticket, giving them a chance, accepting that they are not perfect, making calls, staying after school coaching and tutoring them.)
  • You work hard to implement strategies that you think will move them academically. (You attend endless PD, search for new strategies, make your instruction engaging, buy items with your personal money to conduct a lab, you purchase a program with your own personal money that will benefit your students, you agree to serve on committees)
  • You agree to do more when you have little more to give. (Thank you for having extra patience when some students don't deserve it, you give of yourself to students when you need encouragment yourself, you agree to take on another responsibility when you have little energy left.)

Your work, time, efforts, caring, compassion, love, sacrifices and so much more do not go unnoticed. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful work family that pulls together for our students and for each other. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO. NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND THE WORK OF AN EDUCATOR AND ALL THAT THE JOB ENTAILS UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN THERE. YOU'RE APPRECIATED AND THANK YOU FOR THE MILLIONS OF THINGS YOU DO RIGHT! <3

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • UNITED WAY CARDS - DEADLINE December 12th - Please give to Audrey.
  • TARDIES - Arriving late in the morning to your duty station / classroom could result in a serious matter. This will be addressed individually, but be reminded anything can happen without your presence.
  • CENTRAL OFFICE STAFF - If you see Dr. Williams, Mr. Combs or Ms. Cotton in our building or in your classroom, please know that this is a new district initiative. Each school is assigned central office staff that will be in our building and classrooms weekly as a support system. They will give feedback on what's working and give feedback for opportunities for improvement.
  • Candice Clark - If you see a new face in the is most likely Candice Clark. She is our new Mental Health Counselor and will be at SHMS Tues-Thurs each week. Please give her a Spartan Welcome.
  • ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES - Don't forget to check your responsibility list to determine which administratror see about a problem/issue/inquiry.
  • CHORUS & BAND CONCERTS - Invite your family for great entertainment of our wonderful students CHORUS -Tues(Dec 10) @ 7pm / BAND - Thurs (Dec 12) @ 6pm.
  • POWER TIME CHANGE - Teachers should be at your DOOR supervising students in and oustide the classroom. Please continue to model reading for our students and ensure they are reading and writing. This will be monitored and feedback given.
  • Christmas Spirit - The Sunshine Committee has given us some fun for the 12 days leading to Christmas Break. Don't forget this week...
  • LESSON PLANS - As admin conduct observations and walkthroughs, we are finding outdated lesson plans uploaded. Please update.
  • TWO QUESTIONS - Don't forget HOT questions for EACH Learning Activity.
  • INFORCE911- ALL staff members must have the INFORCE 911 APP on their personal phone. This is how we will communicate in the event their is an emergency on our campus. You will be alerted and updated during the emergency on your phone. INSTALL BY 12/10/10 NOON.
  • The artwork of the following students were selected for the Superintendent's Christmas Card...Aika Honda - 8th, Devin Stephens - 7th, Chase Odom - 8th, Sherrina Smith - 7th Kudos to Ms. Grady for her hard work for these students
  • Smart Lunch - Students do not have a choice in whether they attend Smart Lunch or not. I will speak to students that have not attended. Please ensure that students in your lunch group that are Smart Lunch students report to their advisor. (Smart Lunch Dates: December 12 & 19)

  • SPIRIT ROCK - Want to thank a colleague or recognize the students on your team? Don't forget you can use the spirit rock. Wouldn't be awesome to give a shout out to your grade level or team for progress made?

  • Party Friday - Staff Christmas Party - Char Bar in So Pines, 6:30pm - Merry Christmas

  • Got Progress? - We will look as a school at progress made to standards that were not mastered on the 1st NC Check-Ins - Benchmarks in January. What have you done to reteach, revisit to ensure mastery?

  • Admin Call to Class - Please be reminded...Admin should only be called to a classroom to attend to discipline if there is a fight, there is gross defiance that is loud, overly disruptive and majorly impacts instruction and/or the safety of the staff member/students are in jeopardy. Passive defiance should be placed in Educator's Handbook and handled by administration.

  • STAFF PARKING TAGS - The district requires all SCS staff display a car tag. Once you receive your tag, be sure that you hang your tag on your rear-view mirror each day.

  • District ISSUED Badges - Badges should be worn at all times.

  • Visitors on Campus- All visitors should have a visitor sticker once if they are allowed to visit a classroom or walk down the hallway. Report any unknown visitor without a badge to the front office.

  • REMINDER Hallways -Please be reminded that hallways are quiet zones while traveling through the building or lining up to change classes. It is a requirement that students transition quietly so that instruction is not interrupted.
  • REMINDER CHRISTMAS CHEER - It’s that time of year once again! We are asking the Spring Hill family to help the Student Support Services Department and Project P.I.N.K. to put a little Christmas Cheer under the tree of some of our Spring Hill children this year. Our Christmas tree will be located outside the front office. It will have ornaments with the item that can be selected, including meal items. Please include the ornament with the item that was purchased upon return. Items do not need to be wrapped. All items must be returned by Monday, December 16, 2019. Thank you so much for all of your caring and generosity. We greatly appreciate all of your help.
  • REMINDER TIMELY CLASS CHANGES - All teachers should make it a priority to change classes on time. Waits for class changes robs students of precioys instructional time..
  • ON YOUR FEET - Please be reminded that we should be teaching on your feet, not from the seat. (Non-negotiable)
  • STAY TUNED - STIPEND - Teachers that participated in the STEM training on August 5th will receive a $125 stipend for your attendance. Coming soon.
  • TWO QUESTIONS - Did you place two HOT questions PER ACTIVITY in your lesson plans? This is a non-negotiable.


  • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

From Mrs. Tippett


    • Winter Sports Sign Up - Needed sports duty assignments will be assigned this weekend. Thank you to all that have already signed up:)
    • You will find attached in the email an updated Sports Schedule - Please
    • 7th, 8th & elective teachers------Please open the athletics spreadsheet below to view game dates & dismissal times for our athletes. You may want to print out a copy so you will know when to send athletes to the gym at the designated time. Please see me or the coach if you have any questions.


    • Please ensure that safety procedures and information are included in all substitute plans.
    • Doors MUST NOT be propped open for ANY reason! Propping a door open is an extreme safety concern. If you need to enter the building, please use a door with a badge swipe OR send a reliable student through the hallway to open a door.
    • Staff car tags have been ordered and will be distributed soon. It is required that all staff members display the school tag in their vehicle. Please hang the tag from the rear view mirror.
    • Reminder: A fire drill will be held before leaving for Christmas break.
    • RED CARDS are on the table beside the sign in computer in the teacher workroom, along with Safety Procedure sheets. Mr. Bowman says you need two, one to put under the door and one for the window in the event you need immediate help during a lockdown. One can go on your clipboard by the door and the other in the window seal.


    • PLEASE turn in your testing administrator or proctor guides to me ASAP!! Thank you to those who have turned them in:)
    • REQUIRED refresher test training will be Monday, January 6 during the staff meeting. Everyone must attend due Check-In testing starting on Wednesday, January 8.
    • Please check calculators before leaving for Christmas break and let me know if you need batteries.
    • TENTATIVE Check-In 2 schedule:
    • Science, Wednesday, January 8
    • ELA, Friday, January 10
    • Math, Tuesday, January 14


    Upcoming Dates

    December 2019

    • December 2-6, 2019- Middle School Math I(YL)-Checkin 1

    • December 2-December 13, 2019- 1st Semester Writing Assessment Window

    • December 2 - Staff Meeting

    • December 3 - Meet the Coaches' Night 6pm in Cafteria

    • December 4 - Progress Reports

    • December 4 - Boy'sBasketball Jamboree @ HOME

    • December 4 - Girl's Basketball Jamboree @ West Hoke

    • December 2-5- 2nd Quarter Common Assessments Window

    • December 6- ½ day for students / afternoon PD for staff / noon dismissal

    • December 6- MTSS folder audit

    • December 6-December 13 -Writing Assessment Window

    • December 10- Chorus Concert 6:30pm

    • December 10-Basketball Away @ Red Springs - 4:00pm

    • December 11- PBIS Wacky Wednesday Raffle

    • December 12- 7th/8th Band Concert 6pm

    • December 12 - Smart Lunch

    • December 13- TLC

    • December 13 - Staff Christmas Party (Staff meal /drink covered)

    • December 16 - SIT Meeting

    • December 16 - Basketball @ HOME

    • December 19 - Smart Lunch Celebration for Deserving Students

    • December 20- ½ Day for Students (noon dismissal)

    • December 20- PBIS Celebration

    • December 23-January 1 - Christmas Holidays - NO SCHOOL

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    Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at