Cole Carter

Country: Syria Capital City: Damacus

Population: 22,457,336

As of: 2014


Eastern part is a rocky desert called al-badiyah. Most of the desert is a plateau.

Geographic Boundaries.

North: Turkey South: Jabal Al-Drave Range

East: Iraq West: Lebanon, Isreal


1914: World war one begins and the Ottomans fight on the side of the Germans.

1946: Syria gains independence from France.

1974: Syria and Israel sign an agreement to end the war.

2013: The Syrian government sends chemical attacks on its on people.

People & Places

1) 74% Sunni Muslim, other Muslim 16% and 10% Christian.

2) About 90% of Syrian's people are Arabs.

3) Most people live on the western edge because it gets more rain.

4) Syria is about the size of Florida.


1) Most Syrian kids love soccer.

2) Most ingredients for Syrians are chickpeas, rice, chicken and lamb.

3) School usually starts around 6 A.M.

4) Lunch is the biggest meal for the families.


1) Syria has the same names for their 3 branches of government as America.

2) The voting age for Syria is 18.

3) About one third of Syrians are still in agriculture.

4) In cities buses are the main form of transportation.

Your choice

1) Public education is free in Syria.

2) Older children are usually taking care of the younger children.

3) Some families in cities have a television.


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