( Hg )

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1) Mercury melts at room temperature and is the only metal that can become a liquid under pressure and heat.

2) Mercury is a poor conductor of heat, and most metals are good thermal conductors.

3) Mercury and all of its compounds are toxic.

4) It does not react with most acids.

5) It has an atomic number of 200.59 g.mol

The symbol of Mercury is (Hg)

Price: $100,000 - $300,000

It is found in the middle of the periodic table in group 12 next Gold (Au) and Thilaium (Ti)

Uses of Mercury

Mercury easily forms alloys, called amalgams, with other metals such as gold, silver and tin. Its ease in amalgamating with gold is made use of in recovering gold from its ores. It is used in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide and chlorine by electrolysis of brine. Other uses are in pesticides, dental work, batteries and catalysts.