Gaudet Art Club 2014

Grades 7 and 8

After School Gaudet Art Club will start up on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Art club sign-ups are happening now for grades 7 and 8. The club meets on Tuesdays until the end of May, from 2:20-3:20. Any 7th or 8th grader wishing to join this afterschool activity should come by Ms. Armstrong's or Mr. Paquette's art class for a permission slip. (Students who are on sports teams for only a portion of the year may still join on the off season).

This club is an opportunity for independent work. Students should come to club with ideas about what they might like to work on. All art supplies, materials and resources will be available.

Rare cancellations will be announced during morning and afternoon announcements, and/or on the list serve. Cancellations may be caused by inclement weather.

Parents should be ready to pick up their child at the TURNER ROAD entrance of Gaudet promptly at 3:20. There will be no adult supervision after 3:30.