Solar Energy

Renewable Energy

Facts about solar energy

1. After a couple years it's a completely free source of energy

2. Solar power energy can create biofuels

3. Solar power can be used to purify water, it's the oldest was to do it actually

4. food can be cooked using solar power

5. Solar Power is the most abundant source of energy on earth and can easily be converted to consumible energy.

6. Solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources became popular during the oil crisis during the 70's because they are abundant, and fossil fuels won't be forever

7. Solar energy is being recognized as the feature power source because it doesn't pollute the environment, and it prevents greenhouse gassed from being produced.

8. Solar energy is commonly used because it's the most reliable source of electricity.

9. the earth receives about 1,366 watts of solar energy per square meter

10. You get a lot of tax money off taxes, and there're a lot of rebate programs to promote the use of solar energy.

How it works?

There're two different types of solar energy. Active has solar collectors, and sometimes batteries to hold the charge. Passive solar, isn't actually a form of electricty, but it can warm your house. Passive Solar, is just how you have your house set up. You have your house facing east with a big sun room to gather heat. You have vents at the top of that room to suck the heat up, and vents on the other side of where you have this vent. The warm air flows from that vent to the next room where you have a vent on the bottom to create a "cycle" for the air flow.

Active Solar means that you have solar collectors and batteries to store energy. The collectors collect the sun light and transfer it into energy that gets stored into the batteries. The collectors have little tube in them that are full of water. When the water gets hot it starts to evaporate and move around producing electricity.

Why it is important?

Solar Electricity is important because the suns energy is a constant as to fossil fuels Which are not. If we could capture all of the suns energy from one day we could power the entire world for over a year. Prices of electricity are only going to go up, so if you install it you wouldn't have to pay the bills, and after a couple years you end up saving money. Also Solar power is a clean alternative to burning gas for power. Solar is also free and clean which is what the world apparently wants right now.