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Supplement of the Month: Beta Alanine

To supplement or not to supplement...that is the question. In a multi-million dollar industry, how do you choose which are hip and which are hype? As a college athlete is is vital to choose supplements that have third party testing for banned substances and be sure you spend your dollars on products that actually work. SNAC (Sport Nutrition Action Center) provides you with supplement reviews to help you know what is safe, effective, and may help you win.

Beta Alanine, a popular supplement that’s been shown to enhance performance among athletes, is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that plays a role in delaying muscle fatigue and improving endurance in anaerobic style training (sprints, weights, power).

Research is slightly mixed as to the wether Beta Alanine is effective at buffering the anaerobic system in the body, but show promise as a supplement that could enhance anaerobic training (strength building).

Emily Edison, MS.RD.ACSM-HFS. SNAC Founder

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