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What's that silt and where it come from?

Silt- small particles of rich soil

For centuries the Nile's waters would rise in the spring. The swollen river carried silt or small particles of rich soil. When it reached Egypt the Nile flooded its banks. As the floodwaters withdrew the silt was left behind making the land better for farming. Today dams and channels control the rivers flow for use in irrigation and in generating electric power.

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Where that water go?

Aquifer- underground rock layer that water flows through

In the 1900s the government built pipelines to carry underground water from the desert to coastal areas.

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Wheres the rain?

Wadi - a dry riverbed filled by rain water from rare down pours

Because of the generally dry desert climate Saudi Arabia has no rivers or permanent bodies of water. Highlands dominate the southwest however and rainfall there irrigates fertile croplands in the valleys. Water sometimes comes from seasonal wadis or dry riverbeds filled by rainwater from rare downpours. The desert hold oases.

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What's happening to the Aswan dam?

The Aswan dam gives people control over the Nile flood waters and it can store water for months some problems are that the dam blocked the flow of silt and farmland is becoming less fertile also farmers are now relying on chemical fertilizer. The aswan a mm can also real ease water several times during the year. This control allows farmers to harvest two or three crops a year.
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The aswan dam

What's that Suez Canal?

A human made waterway called the Suez Canal separates the Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt. Egyptians and Europeans built the canal in the mid-1860s. The Suez Canal is still one of the worlds most important waterways. Ships use the canal to pass from the Mediterranean sea to the Red Sea. In making this journey they avoid traveling all the way around Africa.
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Egypt: The Story of the Suez Canal & Aswan High Dam

Where's the oil ?

The discovery of oil in Libya in 1959 brought the country great wealth. Libya's government uses oil money to import food build schools and hospitals and maintain a strong military.
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